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The “Other” March Madness

Here at Lent Madness HQ, we take brackets seriously. Thus when someone alerted us to the fact that there is some other bracket-style tournament that takes place in March, we thought we’d better take a look. What follows is the Official Lent Madness Bracket Analysis For Tournaments Taking Place During March That Do Not Involve […]

We’re baaaaaaaaaack…

Dear Lent Madness Faithful, Early this morning, at about 8:20 am EST, the Lent Madness website went down. You probably heard the collective weeping and gnashing of teeth that rang out all over the globe. Or you may have noticed the uptick in purple votive candle sales that impacted the international markets. After a lot […]

A Peek Behind the Purple Curtain

The Church of St. Luke in the Fields is an historic parish not in rural Iowa as the name would imply, but in the heart of Greenwich Village. That would be in Manhattan, New York City, not Manhattan, Kansas, just to be clear. This year they’re engaging in Lent Madness full bore on their parish […]

The Lent Madness Peaceable Kingdom

With the appearance of seals and otters in the early rounds of Lent Madness 2015, some of you have wondered about the Supreme Executive Committee’s overall stance on and treatment of animals. While we thank you for your concern, we are here and now announcing unequivocally that no animals have been harmed in the formation of […]

Happy Lent Madness Eve!

As Ash Wednesday morphs into Lent Madness Eve, the stage is set for the start of the 2015 edition of “The World’s Most Popular Online Lenten Devotion”®. Tomorrow’s opening match-up between Gregory the Illuminator and Brendan the Navigator will go live at precisely 8:00 am Eastern Standard Time. Read about both saints and then vote […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: Robert Hendrickson

The final Celebrity Blogger to be highlighted is Robert Hendrickson. Since Robert was apparently too busy in his new position as Acting Dean of St. John’s Cathedral (the dean was recently elected Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Southeast Florida) to answer our questions, we have taken the liberty of answering for him.   The […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: David Sibley

David Sibley holds the distinction of being the youngest Celebrity Blogger. Again. But what he lacks in chronological age he makes up for in shoe size. Since he’s also the tallest Celebrity Blogger. Having recently moved from Brooklyn to Long Island, David did forego his status as our hippest Celebrity Blogger. But fear not. In […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: Laurie Brock

In Laurie Brock’s case, the “horse you rode in on” has a name. And that name is Nina. She is the only Celebrity Blogger that owns a horse. Though on more than one occasion a member of the SEC has been likened to the back end of such an animal. The Rev. Laurie Brock is a […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: Laura Darling

For the second day in a row, we’re featuring a Celebrity Blogger from California. This has nothing to do with Tim’s pining for sunshine amid the 75 inches of snow that has fallen on Hingham, Massachusetts, in the past two weeks. Laura Darling was an early adopter of Lent Madness when it began in 2010 […]

Celebrity Blogger Week: Nancy Frausto

As one of two Celebrity Bloggers hailing from California (give us a break, it’s a BIG state), Nancy Frausto has yet to rub the beautiful, warm sunshine in the face of the one member of the SEC who has been buried in snow the last couple of weeks. This shows either incredible self-restraint or a […]