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Nominations Open!

Welcome to Nominationtide! For one full week, the Supreme Executive Committee will be accepting nominations for Lent Madness 2017. Please note that the ONLY way to nominate a saint is to leave a comment in this post. We will not accept nominations via social media, e-mail, carrier pigeon, brick through a window at Forward Movement […]

What is Spy Wednesday?

The entire world quivers in anticipation of tomorrow’s Golden Halo battle between Julian of Norwich and either Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Sojourner Truth. As you may know, the Supreme Executive Committee has referred to this final round as taking place on “Spy Wednesday.” Several of you have asked us about this unusual name for the Wednesday in […]

FREE Bonus: Two More Pocket Lent Cards

We know you love Lent Madness, and we hope you know the Supreme Executive Committee loves you. In fact, the Tim and Scott love you so much that — even though it’s Holy Week and they’re quite busy — they’re giving you two extra bonus FREE Pocket Lent cards. Now, you might be asking, “What’s a […]

Mug Shot Winner Announced!

Ever since we announced our Mug Shot contest, we have been inundated with photos of Lent Madness fans and their mugs. While we usually put things to a vote around here, the Supreme Executive Committee is pulling rank and simply pronouncing a winner. Supremity does have its privileges after all. But before we announce the […]

Lent Madness meets March Madness

Apparently there’s some other bracket-style tournament that takes place this month. Who knew? And while the Lent Madness Legal Team considers its options, we thought we’d do a quick bracket analysis of the teams in this year’s NCAA basketball tournament. Where are the saints? Have they ever appeared in Lent Madness? Do people get upset […]

Super Tuesday meets Lent Madness

After what has felt like an interminable lead-up, it’s finally Super Tuesday. People in 13 states across America will be voting in presidential primaries today. To which the Supreme Executive Committee says, “Whatever. The Lent Madness faithful has been voting every day since Ash Thursday.” What you won’t find in Lent Madness are any hanging […]

Post a Mug Shot, Win a Saint!

How would you like to own a real, live (well, cardboard) saint? The Supreme Executive Committee is holding a contest to give away 2015 Golden Halo winner Francis of Assisi. Think about it. How awesome would your life be if Saint Francis joined you at the breakfast table every morning? Or appeared in next year’s Christmas […]

Surviving Lent Madness Withdrawal (LMW)

By now you’ve probably gone to the Lent Madness website looking to read about a couple of saints, maybe make a comment or two, and then vote. Or you’ve wondered why you haven’t received the morning e-mail that’s become as much a part of your daily routine as drinking that first cup of coffee or […]

The Ten Commandments of Lent Madness

Lent Madness 2016 is off to a roaring start. We had huge voter turnout on opening day, with a record number of votes cast in the Matronly Meltdown®. As this post is published, the comments section is filling up with a vigorous discussion on the Slavic Smackdown®. If you haven’t cast your vote yet for […]

Happy Lent Madness Eve!

Now that the sun has set on the Supreme Executive Committee, Ash Wednesday is morphing into Lent Madness Eve. We had our serious moment of Ash Wednesday piety, and we’re ready to sound the fanfare on tomorrow’s opening match-up, unofficially known as the Matronly Meltdown®. Helena and Monnica step into the Lent Dome and begin […]