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Lawrence vs. Albert Schweitzer

As the drive toward the Golden Halo continues, we meet a martyred 3rd century deacon and an early 20th century renaissance man, humanitarian, and Nobel Prize winner. Lawrence lived out his faith in Rome, giving all that he had to the poor while Albert Schweitzer gave much of his energy and talents to building hospitals […]

Sojourner Truth vs. Søren Kierkegaard

Today we meet two 19th century contemporaries who lived in very different worlds — the United States and Denmark, to be literal about it. Sojourner Truth — slave, abolitionist, radical vs. Søren Kierkegaard — philosopher, theologian, writer. Two complex, passionate individuals who influenced and inspired many throughout their lives and beyond. Yesterday Clare of Assisi […]

Clare vs. Denis

Let’s just state right off the bat that there is no room for nepotism in Lent Madness. Saints related to members of the Supreme Executive Committee are ineligible to compete for the Golden Halo. Therefore, just because Francis of Assisi won the coveted Golden Halo last year, there was no funny business going on that […]

Columba vs. Kateri Tekakwitha

Congratulations! You have officially survived your first full weekend without saintly voting. Veterans of this online devotion know well the desperate void that comes during the weekends of Lent, which is why there is even an official diagnosis for this phenomenon: Lent Madness Withdrawal (aka LMW). This is precisely why the Supreme Executive Committee, in […]

Roch vs. Gertrude

“Are you a dog person or a cat person?” Not to get too philosophical on you, but this is one of the fundamental questions of human existence. A question that, had the Supreme Executive Committee in its infinite wisdom chosen the other Saint Gertrude (“of Nivelles” rather than “the Great”), could have perhaps been decided […]

Christina Rossetti vs. Joseph

Today in Lent Madness, we head back to the time of the “bleak midwinter” to encounter Joseph of Holy Family fame and then zoom up to the 19th century to meet an English poet, Christina Rossetti, who coined that very phrase. To the outside world this is an unlikely pairing. To us, it’s just another […]

Constance vs. Dominic

Only in Lent Madness would you find a monk battling a nun across the centuries. Yet this is exactly what we have today as Constance, a 19th century American nun takes on Dominic, a 12th century Spanish monk. Yesterday Meister Eckhart squared off against Drogo, and, sadly, it appears that the Patron Saint of Coffee […]

Meister Eckhart vs. Drogo

Another day, another mystic, as the great thinker Meister (please don’t call me ‘Mister’) Eckhart faces off against Drogo, 12th century saintly soul and patron saint of coffee. WARNING: Don’t even try to make your choice without first drinking a hot, steaming cup of coffee — as long as this action will in no way […]

Julian of Norwich vs. William Wilberforce

Happy Monday! We trust everyone survived a day without Lent Madness and is ready to get back into the voting fray. We kick off the week with what will sure to be a hotly contested battle between Julian of Norwich and William Wilberforce. 14th century Mystic vs. 18th century Reformer. Who will move on to the […]

Cyril vs. Methodius

Today, in the only Saturday match-up of Lent Madness, it’s the Slavic Smackdown® as Cyril takes on Methodius. While much of the world is preparing for Valentine’s Day (named for a confusing muddle of murky, martyred saints in ancient Rome), the church actually celebrates Cyril and Methodius on February 14, not Saint(s) Valentinus. So go […]