Lent Madness infects General Convention

The Supreme Executive Committee hereby announces the result of the most important vote of this year's General Convention, held on Lent Madness Day. Gregory the Great has defeated Gregory of Nyssa to earn a spot in the bracket for Lent Madness 2013. Gregory the Great will go up against Martin of Tours in the first round. Among people at General Convention, who voted by paper ballot, Nyssa held a lead over The Great, 73-23. However, online voters went the other way, voting for The Great over Nyssa in a landslide, 332-109. That means Gregory the Great received 355 votes, whilst Gregory of Nyssa only received 182.

In other news, the Episcopal News Service covered the Lent Madness fever which has infected General Convention. And celebrity blogger Heidi Shott, working for her home diocese of Maine, posted a video interview with the Supreme Executive Committee, in which Scott does the extraordinarily rare act of saying something nice to Tim.

In a fine piece of investigative journalism, the Supreme Executive Committee went searching for signs of Lent Madness fever at General Convention. Here are the results:

Stay turned for updates. There will be three more play-in matches before Ash Thursday, February 14, 2013. The SEC is working hard to get you through the long, dark night of non-Lenten seasons.

If you know people who are in Indianapolis, send them to the Forward Movement booth, where they can get their photo taken with Mary Magdalene. Or maybe you'd like to have Mary as your guest at a parish or diocesan event? The SEC would be pleased to bring her to you. However, we require deluxe travel and accommodations (including a purple limo).


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17 comments on “Lent Madness infects General Convention”

  1. A glimmer of hope in a cavalcade of political polo ponies,
    intent on steering this denomination their way. As someone said last week,
    "Please let us not be embarassed again!"

  2. In addition to the purple limo, you should demand a purple golf cart in the style of a past Bishop of an unnamed diocese. Only the best for Mary.

  3. I learned this morning at Eucharist that Scott is tall. I mean really really really tall.

    Nice to discover that one of you really does exist live and in person. I'm still not sure about Tim. 🙂

    1. Just curious, do you know how tall Scott is? one of my brothers(Chuck)is 6 feet 7 inches, and he is disgustingly skinny to boot. eats like there's no tomorrow. me jealous but love him anyway.

  4. Scott--As Mary Magdalene is our Patron saint, we would love to have her visit for her next Saint's Day. I'm not sure about the Purple Limo but we can certainly transport her in style and we are her only church in the Diocese of Southern Ohio. We'd love to have you come too.

  5. Purple limos are commonplace and ordinary. Often they are decked out with matching purple neon lights underneath the car. You can even get an interior of purple shag. When you shine a black light on the carpet, and the image of Elvis appears. You see them everyday in Vegas. Mary Magdalene is the most recognize Saint here. Lent Madness has much to do with recent popularity. Mary Magdalene comes to Vegas we will commission a black velet image of her.

  6. Madeline, Scott is about 6'5 or 6'6. My boys affectionately refer to him as "The world's tallest priest." Of course he looks even taller standing next to me (5'8") and Mary Magdalene (even shorter).

    1. wow, that's tall...he'd fit right in with my 3 brothers....wait a minute, my family is mostly Catholic. as a fairly-newly-received "anglophile"(2 years ago. should have done it a lot sooner) he'd kinda stick out. thanks for the prompt answer!
      Go In Peace To Love And Serve The Lord,

  7. "Among people at General Convention, who voted by paper ballot, Nyssa held a lead over The Great, 73-23. However, online voters went the other way, voting for The Great over Nyssa in a landslide, 332-109." Hmmmm....is this evidence of what they taught us in seminary - there is an all too common seperation of values/discernment/opinions between church hierarch & seminary communites from "the people"? Well, Lent Madness proves the people often know best AND that Gregory was truly Great.