Yearly Archives: 2013

Madness Comes to Cyber Monday

At Lent Madness, we know a few things about Mondays. After all, we crank out brilliant new episodes of Monday Madness every week during the Lent Madness high season (aka Lent). During the rest of the year, 50% of the SEC (the one with Mondays off) focuses his Monday devotions on the eighth sacrament of […]

Monthly Madness: Purple Friday Doorbuster Special

Despite our belief that Lent Madness mugs will be the salvation of the church, The Supreme Executive Committee deplores crass commercialization. We’re especially opposed to the non-Lenten buying frenzy of the day after Thanksgiving. We believe that all post-Thanksgiving shopping should support the spread of Lent to every aspect of our church and secular life. […]

Pope Endorses Lent Madness!

The Supreme Executive Committee was poring over the Supreme Pontiff’s latest missive, Evangelii Gaudium. We Supremes like to keep an eye on what the others are doing. For example, we are considering adopting purple robes along the lines of those worn by the Supreme Court. Anyway, our eyes perked right up when we realized that […]

One Day of #Lentitude

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook or Twitter this month, your feed is clogged with cat photos, political outrage, and one more thing that’s equally insidious. #30daysofgratitude is all the rage. People say what they’re grateful for. Ad nauseum. The SEC is pro-Thanksgiving. That’s why we’re going to eat a big feast on Thanksgiving […]

Monthly Madness — November 2013

In this month’s video, the Supreme Executive Committee shares one of the ways they plan to take over Advent. Hint: it involves Tim’s new book. Also, they share their plan for One Day of #Lentitude to counteract #30daysofgratitude sweeping social media. Make your plans to celebrate tomorrow, November 14. For more videos, tune into the […]

Lent Madness to Occupy Advent!

As everyone knows, the Supreme Executive Committee of Lent Madness has a virtual monopoly on all things Lent. It’s gotten to the point where our legal team is exploring the possibility of copyrighting the color purple. So what are Tim and Scott doing meddling in the Season of Advent? Good question. But Forward Movement has […]

An All Saints’ Dance!

The Supreme Executive Committee wishes to extend a Happy All Saints’ Day greeting to you and yours. Of course, for people in the know, this day is really The Feast of Golden Halo Winners and Their Companions. We managed to get some video of George Herbert, C. S. Lewis, Mary Magdalene, and Frances Perkins enjoying […]

Back to Lent Month: Meredith Gould

Back-to-Lent Month continues with a recent book published by Meredith Gould, a member of the esteemed Celebrity Blogger Alumni Association. And, yes, the Supreme Executive Committee has the power to extend Back-to-Lent Month as long as it wants. As you might have guessed, we rule by whim and the Holy Spirit. About The Social Media […]

Back to Lent Month: Penny Nash

Veteran Celebrity Blogger Penny Nash recently contributed to a couple of compilation projects. The covers are so intriguing that we decided to feature these books in Back to Lent Month. Okay, we don’t just judge books by their covers at Lent Madness — or saints by their icons. But check these out for some additional […]

Back to Lent Month: Blood Entangled

Back to Lent Month continues with a recently released book, Blood Entangled,¬†from new Celebrity Blogger Amber Belldene. This just proves that we don’t discriminate against vampires here at Lent Madness. Or romance novels (take your pick on which member of the Supreme Executive Committee most closely resembles Fabio). From Amber: Yes! I have a new […]