Bracket 2018

A Holy Lesson in Vocation and Service:
Anna Alexander Wears the Golden Halo!

Check out the 2018 bracket, and then come here every day of Lent to keep up with your favorite saint. Clicking on the bracket will bring up a larger, printable, more readable one, or you can download a PDF version. There is also a version with no background, in case that’s easier to print. You also can buy your very own Giant Bracket Poster from Forward Movement! Get one for everyone in your church and everyone on your street!

The Golden Halo

March 28th: Anna Alexander (62%) defeats Maria Skobtsova (38%)

Faithful Four

March 27th: Anna Alexander (53%) defeats Richard Hooker (47%)
March 26th: Maria Skobstova (73%) defeats Esther (27%)

Elate Eight

March 23rd: Anna Alexander (55%) defeats Eglantyne Jebb (45%)
March 22nd: Maria Skobtsova (62%) defeats Martin de Porres (38%)
March 21st: Richard Hooker (55%) defeats Phocas the Gardener (45%)
March 20th: Esther (51%) defeats Peter (49%)

Saintly Sixteen

March 19th: Eglantyne Jebb (78%) defeats Catherine Winkworth (22%)
March 16th: Martin de Porres (62%) defeats Dymphna (38%)
March 15th: Phocas the Gardener (60%) defeats Katharina von Bora (40%)
March 14th: Esther (70%) defeats Michael (30%)
March 13th: Anna Alexander (65%) defeated Edith Cavell (35%)
March 12th: Maria Skobtsova (91%) defeats Quiteria (9%)
March 9th: Richard Hooker (64%) defeats Margaret of Scotland (36%)
March 8th: Peter (66%) defeats John the Evangelist (34%)

Round of 32

March 7th: Catherine Winkworth (56%) defeated Isaac Watts (44%)
March 6th: Martin de Porres (84%) defeats John of Beverley (16%)
March 5th: Phocas the Gardener (60%) defeats Isidore the Farmer (40%)
March 2nd: Michael (53%) defeated Anna the Prophet (47%)
March 1st: Eglantyne Jebb (73%) defeats Seraphim of Sarov (27%)
February 28th: Dymphna (58%) defeats Gertrude of Nivelles (42%)
February 27th: Katharina von Bora (55%) defeats Wulfstan (45%)
February 26th: Esther (77%) defeats Lazarus of Bethany (23%)
February 23rd: Edith Cavell (68%) defeats John Wesley (32%)
February 22nd: Maria Skobtsova (74%) defeats Thomas à Kempis (26%)
February 21st: Richard Hooker (73%) defeats Mary of Egypt (27%)
February 20th: John the Evangelist (52%) defeats Phoebe (48%)
February 19th: Anna Alexander (59%) defeats Peter Claver (41%)

February 17th: Quiteria (54%) defeats Genesius (46%)
February 16th: Margaret of Scotland (89%) defeats Charles I (11%)
February 15th: Peter (51%) defeats Paul (49%)

2018 Match-up Calendar

Click here to download a PDF of the 2018 calendar of Lent Madness match-ups or click on the picture below to view it in your browser.