Bracket 2020

Lent Madness 2020 bracket

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The Golden Halo 2019: Martha of Bethany!

Check out the 2019 bracket, and then come here every day of Lent to keep up with your favorite saint. Clicking on the bracket will bring up a larger, up-to-date, printable one, or you can download a blank PDF. You also can buy your very own Giant Bracket Poster from Forward Movement! Get one for everyone in your church and everyone on your street!

The Golden Halo

April 17th: Martha of Bethany (56%) defeats Pandita Ramabai (44%)

Faithful 4

April 16th: Pandita Ramabai (61%) defeats Zenaida (39%)
April 15th: Martha of Bethany (51%) defeats Gobnait (49%)

Elate 8

April 12th: Zenaida (61%) defeats John Chrysostom (39%)
April 11th: Gobnait (51%) defeats Ignatius of Loyola (49%) [85 vote margin]
April 10th: Pandita Ramabai (55%) defeats William Wilberforce (45%)
April 9th: Martha of Bethany (58%) defeated Photini (42%)

Saintly 16

April 8th: Zenaida (59%) defeats Nicholas of Myra (41%)
April 5th: Gobnait (73%) defeats Paula of Rome (27%)
April 4th: Pandita Ramabai (62%) defeats Marguerite d’Youville (38%)
April 3rd: Photini (58%) defeats Tabitha (42%)
April 2nd: John Chrysostom (74%) defeats Ephrem of Nisibis (26%)
April 1st: Ignatius of Loyola (60%) defeats Marina the Monk (40%)
March 29th: William Wilberforce (68%) defeats Richard Allen (32%)
March 28th: Martha of Bethany (74%) defeats Nicodemus (26%)

Round of 32

March 27th: Nicholas of Myra (92%) defeats Rudolph of Gubbio (8%)
March 26th: Paula of Rome (57%) defeats Marcella of Rome (43%)
March 25th: Pandita Ramabai (50%) defeats (Damien of Molokai (50%) [45 vote margin]
March 22nd: Photini (63%) defeats Ananias (37%)
March 21st: Zenaida (81%) defeats Apollonia (19%)
March 20th: Gobnait (66%) defeats Hrotsvitha (34%)
March 19th: Marguerite d’Youville (70%) defeats Phillips Brooks (30%)
March 18th: Tabitha (74%) defeats Dismas (26%)
March 15th: Ephrem of Nisibis (70%) defeats Mellitus (30%)
March 14th: Marina the Monk (62%) defeats Dominic (38%)
March 13th: Richard Allen (61%) defeats Hanna Grier Coome (39%)
March 12th: Nicodemus (51%) defeats James the Greater (49%)
March 11th: John Chrysostom (53%) defeats Margaret of Cortona (47%)
March 9th: Ignatius of Loyola (65%) defeats Tikhon of Zadonsk (35%)
March 8th: William Wilberforce (59%) defeats Agatha Lin Zhao (41%)
March 7th: Martha of Bethany (58%) defeats Mary of Bethany (42%)

2019 Match-up Calendar

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