Bracket 2021

In the Battle of Theodoras,
the Empress Impresses!

Round of 32

February 26th: Theodora the Empress (75%) defeats Theodora of Alexandria (25%)
February 25th: Arnulf of Metz (56%) defeats Vincent of Saragossa (44%)
February 24th: Catherine Booth (63%) defeats Joan of Arc (37%)
February 23rd: Melangell (52%) defeats Hermione (48%)
February 22nd: Albert the Great (54%) defeats Leo the Great (46%)
February 20th: Egeria (61%) defeats Tarcisius (39%)
February 19th: Constantine (62%) defeats Miguel Pro (38%)
February 18th: Camillus de Lellis (71%) defeats Matthias (29%)

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2021 Match-up Calendar

Click here to download a PDF of the 2021 calendar of Lent Madness match-ups or click on the picture below to view it in your browser.