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Devo with the Faithful Four, Part II

To follow up on the earlier post from today, here are excerpts from devotional sketches for the two saints who are duking it out on Tuesday, Emma of Hawaii and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. These are excerpts from Calendar of Saints: Lent Madness 2012 Edition, published by Forward Movement. Dietrich Bonhoeffer As the Nazi ring closed in […]

Devo with the Faithful Four, Part I

Today being Palm Sunday, the Supreme Executive Committee is focused on palms, processions, readings of the passion of Jesus, and so on. However, we also can’t escape the fact that tomorrow begins the showdown in the Faithful Four. Bright and early tomorrow morning, both Mary Magdalene and Margaret of Scotland will compete. Only one will […]

Foods of the Faithful Four

To help you through this weekend’s likely bout of Lent Madness Withdrawal, the Supreme Executive Committee wishes to offer menu suggestions for Palm Sunday. We hope this will also aid in your discernment as to which of the Faithful Four you will seek to propel into the championship battle on Spy Wednesday. Monday morning, Margaret […]

Thomas Cranmer vs. Emma of Hawaii

Before we head into the weekend and another bout with LMW (Lent Madness Withdrawal) we must first finalize the saints of the Faithful Four. Mary Magdalene? Check. Dietrich Bonhoeffer? Check. Margaret of Scotland (very close call yesterday as she barely squeaked past Enmegahbowh!) Check. Today you will decide whether Thomas Cranmer or Emma of Hawaii […]

Margaret of Scotland vs. Enmegahbowh

The Elate Eight continues with an intriguing match-up between Margaret of Scotland and Enmegahbowh. One of the sub-plots of this round has been “What will Celebrity Blogger Heidi Shott possibly come up with for Enmegahbowh kitsch?” This will be answered today as these two pillars of the faith vie for the third spot in the Faithful […]

Kitsch Cranks

It has come to the attention of the Supreme Executive Committee that not everyone is enthralled with our display of saintly kitsch. In fact a small percentage of commenters have cast aspersions on the Round of the Elate Eight. We have decided to share and, yes, rebut a few of these less-than-flattering comments. “While I […]

Dietrich Bonhoeffer vs. Jerome

Today it’s the second of four battles comprising the Elate Eight as Dietrich Bonhoeffer faces off against Jerome. Could there possibly be any saintly kitsch for these two? A Vulgate Snuggy perhaps or a Bonhoeffer chew toy for your puppy? Let’s see what our intrepid Celebrity Bloggers dug up. In yesterday’s Elate Eight kick-off, Mary […]

Mary Magdalene vs. Evelyn Underhill

Welcome, friends, to the Round of the Elate Eight. As we get deeper into the madness, the tone changes  from the educational to the whimsical as we focus on saintly kitsch. At this point, we’ve learned about 32 saints — 16 in even greater detail. Now is the time to see what popular culture has […]

Monday Madness — Preview Coverage of the Elate Eight, Kitsch, and More

This week, Tim and Scott preview upcoming battles in the Elate Eight and more. Hilarity ensues. On a related note, if you want the very best wall-to-wall, up-to-the-minute, action-packed, lemon-fresh coverage of the Lent Madness action, follow us on Twitter (@LentMadness). Enjoy more videos on the Lent Madness video channel.

Emma of Hawaii vs. Paul of Tarsus

In the final battle of the Round of the Saintly Sixteen, Emma of Hawaii takes on Paul of Tarsus. The winner heads to the Elate Eight to square off against Thomas Cranmer. Two primary questions will be decided in the next 24 hours: 1) Will the Bishop of Hawaii once again be able to get out […]