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The People Speak. On Camera.

Tim and Scott step out of the limelight to let the people share their love of Lent Madness. Watch this five-minute video for all that and more. People also say who they’re rooting for. These are not ordinary people, by the way. They are Episcopal Communicators speaking at Kanuga and from an undisclosed location which […]

Sports Illustrated Gets Religion

A couple of days ago, the Supreme Executive Committee received a flash news alert from one of our intrepid Lent Madness Field Agents. Doug Allen of Lincoln, RI was the first one to report that Lent Madness is mentioned in this week’s Sports Illustrated. Phil Taylor, in his last-page column, covers a range of brackets […]

Margaret of Scotland vs. John Cassian

Today Margaret of Scotland takes on John Cassian and we hear two accounts of relics as they both seek to get “a head” to the next round. The Quirks & Quotes continue with the winner facing Enmegahbowh next week. In a spirited and emotional battle, Dietrich Bonhoeffer defeated Brigid of Kildare yesterday 54% to 46%. This […]

Killer (B) Limericks

From the “be careful what you ask for” department, the Supreme Executive Committee sent out a call for Brigid/Bonhoeffer limericks. This difficult choice has people in a poetic mood. Below are a few items that have come our way. Here at Lent Madness we’re always trying to make people famous (even if we don’t have […]

Brigid of Kildare vs. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

If Tuesday was the battle of the Killer C’s (Cranmer vs. Columba), today is the battle of the Killer B’s (Brigid vs. Bonhoeffer). The victorious “B” wins a date with Jerome in the next round. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves — it’s time to focus on cheap grace and a lake of beer (somebody please write a […]

Monnica vs. Evelyn Underhill

Today in Lent Madness it’s a tea drinking mystic vs. the patron saint of stage mothers. Only one of these women will advance to the Round of the Elate Eight to try her hand against Mary Magdalene. Yesterday, Thomas Cranmer defeated Columba 60% to 40% and will face off against either Emma of Hawaii or […]

Thomas Cranmer vs. Columba

The Round of the Saintly Sixteen continues with a match-up between two heavyweights from the British Isles. Thomas Cranmer and Columba — the “Killer C’s” — face off against one another for a trip to the Elate Eight. Only one will advance to the next round in this the fourth of eight battles comprising the […]

Monday Madness — The Global Impact of Lent Madness

Today’s installment, recorded partly on location from the Kanuga Conference Center in North Carolina, features Tim and Scott discussing the wide-ranging impact of Lent Madness from Lambeth Palace to the NCAA. Also, we highlight some exemplary campaigning by the Bishop of Hawaii. Enjoy more videos on the Lent Madness video channel.

Enmegahbowh vs. David Oakerhater

Another manic Lent Madness Monday kicks off with a match-up focused on the western United States. Enmegahbowh squares off against David Pendleton Oakerhater in this Battle of Native Pride. Is it unfortunate that these two ended up in the same bracket? Perhaps. But we also know that neither one of them ever backed down in […]

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The SEC Reveals the Truth Behind the Archbishop’s Resignation

It is impossible to overstate the worldwide impact of Lent Madness. Not only is Lent Madness having an impact from Houston to Toledo, but even Lambeth Palace has been shaken to its foundations. Savvy Lent Madness commenter and intrepid reporter Jason Tillman writes about the truth behind the recent news from Lambeth. After much investigation, […]