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Creative Juices Overfloweth

One of the fun things about hanging out at Lent Madness Headquarters (Cincinnati, Ohio or Hingham, Massachusetts, depending on your perspective), is hearing all the creative ways Lent Madness is being used this year. During the darkness of another weekend of Lent Madness Withdrawal (LMW), we wanted to highlight a few places where Lent Madness […]

Oscar Romero vs. Lucy

The Saintly Sixteen continues with this year’s early Cinderella, Lucy, taking on another modern martyr, Oscar Romero. Lucy made it this far by upsetting John the Baptist while Oscar Romero trounced Elizabeth Ann Seton. Will the “eyes” have it or will the assassinated archbishop carry the day? In an emotional match-up (get used to it) […]

Jonathan Daniels vs. Janani Luwum

Welcome to the Round of the Saintly Sixteen! After 16 bruising battles, we have cut the field from 32 saints to 16. We’ve already seen our fair share of hotly contested match-ups, blow-outs, and Cinderellas and we’re only half-way through the bracket. Lent Madness, like Lent, is part endurance race and we encourage those who […]

Edward Thomas Demby vs. Dorothy Day

In the last battle before the Round of the Saintly Sixteen, we encounter two trailblazers. Edward Thomas Demby was the first African-American bishop ordained in the Episcopal Church and Dorothy Day was an important figure in the cause of social justice. Will Dorothy win the Day? Or will Edward Demby-onstrate the will to win? (sorry, […]

Therese of Lisieux vs. Martha of Bethany

In the penultimate match-up of the First Round, two women square off with the winner taking on Harriet Tubman. Thérèse of Lisieux, the original flower child, takes on Martha of Bethany, Biblical disciple. Yesterday Gregory the Great defeated Martin of Tours in the Battle of the Bishops and will face Florence Li-Tim Oi in the next […]

Monday Madness People’s Edition — March 4, 2013

While Scott and Tim consider the constant limelight of Lent Madness to be part of their servant ministry, they also believe that the spotlight should turn elsewhere now and then. Specifically, this week’s Monday Madness continues a now-annual tradition, in which the people share the good news of Lent Madness. Look for friendly faces from […]

Gregory the Great vs. Martin of Tours

With another weekend rife with Lent Madness Withdrawal (LMW) behind us, we turn our attention to the final three first round match-ups. Now, to our credit, we did try to help everyone get through the weekend with a Group Hug. But today it’s back to business with Gregory the Great (who defeated Gregory of Nyssa […]

Feelin’ the Love

Earlier this week, while sitting under a palm tree in San Diego, the Supreme Executive Committee released a response to Lent Madness haters. While generally not overly sentimental (though Scott sometimes weeps when liturgical rubrics are violated), we were blown away by the comments. It is amazing to hear spontaneous stories of how this little […]

Monday Madness Bonus Edition — March 1, 2013

From sunny San Diego, CA, Tim and Scott bring you a special bonus edition (at no extra charge) of Monday Madness. Enjoy. There are more videos on the Lent Madness channel. Go watch the entire oeuvre.

Damien of Molokai vs. Frances Perkins

Holy Blowout Week continued yesterday as Benedict took Anne to the (holy vestment) cleaners. Today, features the long-anticipated match-up between Big Pineapple and Big Lobster as the Hawaiian Damien of Molokai takes on the Mainer Frances Perkins. Can the Hawaii lobby do for Damien what it did for Queen Emma last year? Last year’s Lent […]