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Meister Eckhart vs. Columba

Our trek into saintly Quirks and Quotes continues with Meister Eckhart taking on Columba. To make it to the Saintly Sixteen Eckhart somehow managed to defeat Drogo, the patron saint of coffee, while Columba snuck past Kateri Tekakwitha in the closest encounter (of the saintly kind) of Lent Madness 2016. Don’t forget, especially if you’re […]

Monday Madness: Mugshot Cameo Edition

In today’s episode of Monday Madness, Lady Edith and Lady Mary both find love. Or not. Actually, Tim and Scott do make reference to Downton Abbey, but you’ll have to tune into PBS to find out what happens to the Crawleys. But in this week’s Monday Madness episode you CAN see some excellent examples of […]

Methodius vs. Albert Schweitzer

Wake up! Lent Madness is back for another full week of saintly, halo-busting action. We begin with the third matchup of the Saintly Sixteen, where we continue to encounter saintly Quirks and Quotes, as Methodius faces Albert Schweitzer. To get to this round, Methodius beat his brother Cyril in the Slavic Smackdown® while Schweitzer grilled Lawrence. The […]

Absalom Jones vs. Joseph

The Saintly Sixteen continues with Absalom Jones taking on Joseph. In the first round, Jones defeated Matthias by the largest margin of Lent Madness 2016, 82% to 18% while Absalom Jones swept past Christina Rossetti by the second largest margin, 79% to 21%. Will this be a harbinger of a tightly contested race? Only time […]

Helena vs. Constance

Welcome to the Round of the Saintly Sixteen. Sixteen saints in Lent Madness 2016 have been sent packing and sixteen more remain as the struggle for the coveted Golden Halo continues. Get ready for some high stakes, thrilling saintly action over the coming days. Click the Bracket tab to view the updated tournament bracket and see […]

Barnabas vs. Elmo

Ah, the last battle of the First Round is finally upon us. Barnabas vs. Elmo. Or, as the Supreme Executive Committee, has dubbed it, Barney vs. Elmo. It’s a furry red and purple Lenten miracle! Yesterday, on the Lent Madness version of Super Tuesday, Frances Joseph-Gaudet left John Mason Neale singing the blues as she […]

Super Tuesday meets Lent Madness

After what has felt like an interminable lead-up, it’s finally Super Tuesday. People in 13 states across America will be voting in presidential primaries today. To which the Supreme Executive Committee says, “Whatever. The Lent Madness faithful has been voting every day since Ash Thursday.” What you won’t find in Lent Madness are any hanging […]

Monday Madness — Super Tuesday Delayed Edition

Due to a glitch at Lent Madness HQ, we didn’t get yesterday’s episode of Monday Madness uploaded in time. We know you were crushed. But then, when it comes to Lent Madness, you get what you (don’t) pay for. In order to console you for that extra wait, Tim and Scott hereby offer you an […]

Frances Joseph-Gaudet vs. John Mason Neale

In the penultimate (we love that word here at Lent Madness) matchup of the first round, it’s Frances Joseph-Gaudet facing off against John Mason Neale. Six names, two saints, only one will emerge victorious and advance to the next round. Yesterday Vida Dutton Scudder skated to an easy win over F.D. Maurice, 72% to 28%. […]

Vida Dutton Scudder vs. F.D. Maurice

Congratulations on surviving another looooooooong weekend without Lent Madness voting to anchor your day, ground your faith, and generally infuse your soul with the will to live. The only lifeline we tossed out was a chance to win your very own life-sized cardboard cutout of 2015 Golden Halo winner Francis of Assisi. Learn how here. […]