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Monday Madness — February 10, 2014

Today is Viginti-tribus-gesima, with Lent Madness starting in just 23 days. With the crowning glory of Ash Thursday just around the corner, Tim and Scott have a question for you: Have you showed your love of the Lord by shopping in the Lentorium yet? There’s not much more time. Hurry up and buy your Saintly […]

Madness Comes to Cyber Monday

At Lent Madness, we know a few things about Mondays. After all, we crank out brilliant new episodes of Monday Madness every week during the Lent Madness high season (aka Lent). During the rest of the year, 50% of the SEC (the one with Mondays off) focuses his Monday devotions on the eighth sacrament of […]

Monthly Madness: Purple Friday Doorbuster Special

Despite our belief that Lent Madness mugs will be the salvation of the church, The Supreme Executive Committee deplores crass commercialization. We’re especially opposed to the non-Lenten buying frenzy of the day after Thanksgiving. We believe that all post-Thanksgiving shopping should support the spread of Lent to every aspect of our church and secular life. […]

You’ve Seen the Movie. Now Buy the Book!

By now you have surely discovered the Lent Madness Channel with our weekly webcasts of Monday Madness. Well, friends, there is good news. The book that goes behind the movie is now available. It’s only $6.99 for Kindle or Nook (ebook only!). Calendar of Saints: Lent Madness 2012 Edition is the ultimate guidebook for Lent […]