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Actual breaking news from an actual newspaper

The Supreme Executive Committee of Lent Madness has sometimes been accused of over-hyping things. Clearly these are baseless charges. The Supreme Executive Committee is composed of simple, humble priests trying to form disciples through a saintly smackdown with a global viewing public. But that said, for those who doubt the significance of Lent Madness, the […]

Brackets to Go

Yesterday, Ashes to Go was all the rage. But today that’s all dust. Instead, the world has moved on. New life. Time for a new Lenten mission to take to the streets. So naturally, today we inaugurated the first-ever Brackets to Go in Cincinnati. Yours truly bravely donned cassock, surplice, and tippet (without all that […]

The True Meaning of Shrove Tuesday

As many of you will know, today is Mardi Gras. Or as we Anglicans like to call it, Shrove Tuesday. What some will not know is that the word “shrove” is an old English word that means “bracket.” Yes, friends, today is the day you should be finishing up your Lent Madness brackets. Gather some […]

The EpiscoRat works on the LM bracket

This just in from The Grapevine of the Diocese of Southeast Florida. Are you working on your bracket? We hear of one college Canterbury House where they’re organizing a betting pool (for charity, we hope). Start a pool in your parish, youth group, or office! And make sure you give all the money to a […]

Archnemesis Detente Announced

Followers of Lent Madness will be relieved to know that, with the assistance of round-the-clock mediation, Tim and Scott have pledged to bury the hatchet for the duration of Lent. Upon reflection, they concluded that to remain each other’s archnemesis would be counterproductive to the spirit of Lent Madness (despite the presence of competition and […]

Press release

We have now told the entire world, or at least the places who would listen to us, about Lent Madness. Here’s the release. Free free to give it to the news editor of your local paper or any network news anchors who might happen to attend your parish. NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Date:¬†January 25, […]

Lent Madness 2012 bracket announced

This year’s bracket has been announced by the Supreme Executive Committee of the Governing Authority of the Coordinating Committee for the Society of Lent Madness. Others know this august group simply as Tim and Scott. Notable in this year’s bracket, round one includes several exciting contests. Augustine of Hippo will face down Monnica. The “boys […]

Lent Madness is coming soon!

Mark your calendars for February 23. That’s they day Lent Madness 2012 launches. Here’s the skinny for those of you who haven’t enjoyed Lent Madness the last two years: Lent Madness began in 2010 as the brainchild of the Rev. Tim Schenck. In seeking a fun, engaging way for people to learn about the men […]