Egeria vs. Arnulf of Metz

Who’s ready for a full week of madcap Saintly Sixteen action? Well, ready or not, it’s coming your way as Lent Madness 2021 continues in earnest.

Today it’s Egeria vs. Arnulf of Metz as they vie for a shot at the Elate Eight. To get here, Egeria made it past Tarcisius while Arnulf took down Vincent of Saragossa.

If you missed Friday’s result, Catherine Booth marched past Constantine 70% to 30%. Go vote!

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Catherine Booth vs. Constantine

Today we’re back for our second helping of Saintly Sixteen action as the round of Quirks and Quotes continues. Catherine Booth takes on Constantine as 19th century meets 3rd century — a pairing you’ll only ever encounter in the looniness of Lent Madness. To get here, Catherine upset Joan of Arc, while Constantine got past Miguel Pro.

Yesterday, in a hotly contested matchup, Camillus de Lellis snuck past Melangell 52% to 48% to become the first saint to snag a spot in the Elate Eight. Serious bracketologists will note the battle also made Lent Madness history for most “Ls” in a single pairing.

Well, we’re off for the weekend, but we’ll be back bright and early Monday morning as Arnulf of Metz faces Egeria. Try not to miss us too much.

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Camillus de Lellis vs. Melangell

Welcome to the Saintly Sixteen! With your help, we have successfully whittled our field from 32 saints to 16. For this round, rather than the basic biographical information, we enter the realm of Quirks and Quotes. Our brilliant Celebrity Bloggers will provide unusual information or legends surrounding their saints along with quotes either by or about their saints.

If you need a quick refresher on those first round battles (and want to look at the initial bios), click the Bracket Tab. Just beneath the bracket, you’ll find all the previous matchups sorted by round.

We kick things off with Camillus de Lellis vs. Melangell. In the first round, Camillus trounced Matthias while Melangell narrowly defeated Hermione.

Yesterday, we finished up the Round of 32 as Catherine of Genoa smothered Catherine of Bologna 65% to 35% in the Battle of the Deli Meats. Just be glad there’s no patron saint of head cheese…

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Catherine of Bologna vs. Catherine of Genoa

Finally! We’ve nearly made it to the end of the Round of 32. But not before we take care of today’s saintly business, the highly anticipated Battle of the Deli Meats. Take a number and get ready to cast your vote between two 15th century saints, Catherine of Bologna and Catherine of Genoa. Anybody hungry for an Italian sub?

Yesterday, in the penultimate matchup of the first round, Ives of Kermartin routed Jacapone da Todi 77% to 23%. No word yet on whether Jacopone will appeal the decision.

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Jacapone da Todi vs. Ives of Kermartin

Today Jacapone da Todi squares off against Ives of Kermartin. Two lawyers in the same matchup? Who knew lawyers were even eligible for sainthood?! Will there be a legal landslide? Or will one of these attorneys be ruled out of order? In 24 hours we’ll announce the verdict.

Yesterday, despite a strong showing by Henriette Delille, Absalom Jones got past her 54% to 46% to make it to the Saintly Sixteen, where he’ll face Marianne Cope.

And if you’ve ever wondered about how the annual Lent Madness bracket is formulated, you won’t want to miss yesterday’s exciting episode of Monday Madness. Now go vote!

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Monday Madness — March 8, 2021

Last night, the world watched Oprah interview Harry and Meghan. Despite overtures from Oprah’s people, Scott and Tim decided to forgo a moderator for the latest episode of Monday Madness. But the Supreme Executive Committee of Lent Madness is back with another action-packed, fun-filled episode of saintly merriment. Today they explain how the bracket of 32 saints is chosen, revealing heretofore secret details of the selection process. Perhaps even using the “Royal We” in the process.

They also answer a question from Twitter about the behind-the-scenes life of the Celebrity Bloggers. Oh, and Scott takes a sip from his Martha of Bethany 2019 Golden Halo winner coffee mug. Would it even be Monday Madness without some product placement?

Last, but not least, the Supreme Executive Committee again demonstrates its mastery of the Welsh accent.

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Henriette Delille vs. Absalom Jones

Whether or not you missed us this weekend is immaterial. Because we’re back! This week we’ll be finishing up the opening Round of 32 and kicking off the Saintly Sixteen on Thursday.

Today Henriette Delille faces Absalom Jones, as two modern(ish) American saints go head-to-head.

In case you missed the Friday results, Benedict the Moor defeated Nino of Georgia 68% to 32%. He’ll face Euphrosyne in the next round. Now go vote!

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Nino of Georgia vs. Benedict the Moor

We conclude a rough-and-tumble week of saintly contests with Nino of Georgia vs. Benedict the Moor.

Yesterday, Isadora the Simple made Simeon the Holy Fool look foolish 54% to 46% to advance to the Saintly Sixteen. And, don’t forget that one of the joys of this Lenten pop-up community may be found in the comment section on each post. You’ll find limericks and camaraderie and heartache and joy and more information about the saints of the day. People may not always agree, but comments are always shared in the context of this collective journey towards the risen Christ.

Enjoy the weekend everyone, and we’ll see you bright and early Monday morning as Henriette Delille takes on Absalom Jones.

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Isidora the Simple vs. Simeon the Holy Fool

Just to be clear, today’s saints were not named after the two members of the Lent Madness Supreme Executive Committee. I mean, how would you even distinguish which one was which? But we return to the ever-popular Confusion Corner quadrant of the bracket as Isidora the Simple takes on Simeon the Holy Fool, two unconventional saints who have much to teach us about what really matters in this life.

Yesterday, Dunstan swept past Maryam of Qidun 68% to 32% to advance to the Saintly Sixteen. But enough of this. Go vote!

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Dunstan vs. Maryam of Qidun

Hey, look! It’s a saint a lot of people have heard of! But, as history would suggest, that means nothing in this annual clash of saints. Nonetheless Dunstan squares off against Maryam of Qidun (we were referring to Dunstan, obviously) in today’s Lent Madness battle.

Yesterday, Marianne Cope erased Bartolomé de las Casas 65% to 35%, but only because we couldn’t think of a saint whose last name was also a liturgical vestment. Believe us, there’s no one named Charles Chasuble. We looked.

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