Dymphna vs. Gertrude of Nivelles

Madness and cats. These are among the factors you will be deciding upon as you cast today’s vote between Dymphna, the patron saint of madness, and Gertrude of Nivelles, the patron saint of cats. But of course the lives of saintly souls are more than the various aspects of life we’ve appended to them over the years. Which is why people read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest the Lent Madness write-ups before deciding which saint resonates with them on a particular day. That’s the joy embedded in the process.

Yesterday, Katharina von Bora defeated Wulfstan 55% to 45% to advance to the Saintly Sixteen. All is not lost for Wulfstan, however. Apparently many Lent Madness voters will be naming their next cats after him.

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Wulfstan vs. Katharina von Bora

Today in Lent Madness it’s Wulfstan vs. Katharina von Bora. Anglican bishop of the Middle Ages facing off against an important figure of the Protestant Reformation.

Yesterday, Lazarus was sent back to the grave in a drubbing at the hand of Esther 77% to 23%. Unlike Lazarus, Esther will live to fight another day as she will face the winner of Anna the Prophet vs. Michael the Archangel.

And just in case you missed yesterday’s stellar edition of Monday Madness, which seems an impossibility as it’s undoubtedly the highlight of your week, you can watch it here. In this week’s episode, Tim and Scott answer Viewer Mail. Have a burning question about Lent Madness? Leave it on our Facebook or Twitter page and it just may get answered on the air.

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Monday Madness — February 26, 2018

It’s time for everyone’s favorite post-weekend activity, Monday Madness! This week, Tim and Scott answer viewer mail! If you want your question answered on the air, post your query to the Lent Madness Facebook page or Twitter feed next week, or send your question to Scott or Tim written (in pencil) on a $20 bill. You may become famous among your hopefully-not-too-jealous-because-that’s-a-sin family and friends.

In response to a question from a viewer, Tim and Scott also mention a few books they’ve recently written. Or in Tim’s case, recently-ish.

  • Scott’s brand new book, co-authored with Melody Wilson Shobe, is Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs and Practices. It’s available in paper from Forward Movement or Amazon. It’s also available for your favorite ebook reader: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and at the iTunes store.
  • You can buy Father Tim’s Church Survival Guide from Amazon in paper or Kindle.
  • Dust Bunnies in the Basket: Finding God in Lent & Easter is available from Forward Movement or Amazon, or you can get it for your favorite ebook reader: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and at the iTunes store.

While you wait impatiently for next week’s episode, why not re-binge-watch the entire oeuvre of Monday Madness?

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Esther vs. Lazarus of Bethany

Who’s tan, rested, and ready for another full week of saintly action? That was rhetorical. Of course you’re tan. Today we have an intriguing Biblical matchup between Esther and Lazarus. Courageous queen vs. friend of Jesus. Who will advance? That’s up to you.

After a depressing weekend without any voting, you may have forgotten what transpired on Friday. Edith Cavell, yet another one of the 2018 Cinderellas, took down theological heavyweight John Wesley 68% to 32%. She’ll face Anna Alexander in what should be a lively Saintly Sixteen matchup.

It’s hard to believe we’re exactly halfway through the first round. But it’s true. Eight matchups down, eight matchups to go before it’s on to the the next round. Hang on to your halos!

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John Wesley vs. Edith Cavell

In the last battle of a full week, John Wesley takes on Edith Cavell. Will the Methodists among us rally the troops for the de facto founder of their denomination? Or will the compelling story of an English martyr carry the day?

In Thursday’s action, upstart Maria Skobtsova soundly defeated Thomas à Kempis 74% to 26% to advance to the Saintly Sixteen where she’ll face Quiteria. Thursday was also a big day for Lent Madness fans in Hannibal, Missouri, as an article titled Churchgoers Participate in Lent Madness Activity made the front page of the local paper, the Herald-Whig. Kudos to all the Lent Madness fans at Trinity Episcopal Church in Hannibal!

As we prepare to take a deep weekend breath, please do try to survive without voting on Saturday and Sunday. Symptoms of Lent Madness Withdrawal (LMW) are real and we encourage you to reach out to Lent Madness-playing friends and family to see you through this two-day wilderness. LMW support groups are forming in church basements everywhere. And fear not! We’ll return bright and early Monday morning as Esther takes on Lazarus. Now go read and vote!

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Thomas à Kempis vs. Maria Skobtsova

Today in Lent Madness it’s Thomas à Kempis versus Maria Skobstova, a matchup with plenty of subplots. German vs. Russian. Monk vs. Nun. Middle Ages vs. 20th century. Plenty of inspiration to be plucked from their respective writings and lives.

In yesterday’s action Richard Hooker took it to Mary of Egypt 73% to 27%, setting up an intriguing Saintly Sixteen battle between Hooker and Margaret of Scotland.

Oh, and because we try to helpful in all things Lent related, here’s a pro-tip: It’s time to take the Christmas tree off the front door.

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Mary of Egypt vs. Richard Hooker

With John the Evangelist squeezing past Phoebe 52% to 48%, in a tighter race than predicted by most penitential pundits, the first battle of the Saintly Sixteen is set. John will face Peter in a matchup of Biblical titans.

Today, Mary of Egypt faces Richard Hooker as the 3rd century touches up against the 16th. Impossible to compare these two saintly souls, you cry? This is madness, you declare? Of course it is! Lent Madness! Also, just wait…

In the meantime, we wanted to take a moment to again thank all eleven of our 2018 Celebrity Bloggers. Not all of them have yet had a saint thrust into the glare of the Lent Dome in these early days of Lent. But if you’re wondering just who they all are, click on the Celebrity Bloggers tab.

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Phoebe vs. John the Evangelist

Today in Lent Madness, two Biblical-era saints face off as Phoebe goes up against John the Evangelist. Will a woman who played an integral role in the early church prevail or will the author of the fourth Gospel advance?

In yesterday’s action, Anna Alexander defeated Peter Claver 59% to 41% to advance to the Saintly Sixteen against the winner of John Wesley vs. Edith Cavell. This was fueled in part by the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia‘s unflagging support for one of their own. They even produced a video celebrating Anna’s ministry which is worth your time whether or not you voted for her.

Finally, in case you somehow missed yesterday’s stirring edition of Monday Madness, you can watch it here. Every week Tim and Scott wax eloquent on all things Lent Madness, keeping the Lent Madness faithful up-to-date on the latest news. It is indeed must-see penitential TV.

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Monday Madness — February 19, 2018

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for a new episode of Monday Madness! This week, Scott and Tim bask in the glow of the first full week of saintly voting. They also highlight a change introduced this year, themed quadrants in the bracket. Finally, there’s a shout-out for St. David’s Episcopal Church in Austin, TX for their wonderful (and large) embrace of the Madness.

Remember, you can check the match-up calendar on the bracket tab of the Lent Madness website, where you can find out when your favorite saints step into the Lent Dome and who they’ll be battling. Also check the bracket tab for each day’s results, featuring one-of-a-kind headlines, brought to you by our Bracket Czar, Adam Thomas.

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Anna Alexander vs. Peter Claver

We’re back for the first full week of saintly thrills and spills! Today we get our first matchup in the Mostly Modern quadrant as Anna Alexander faces Peter Claver. Of course it’s all relative — Anna lived in the 19th century and Peter straddled the 16th and 17th centuries. But what’s a few hundred years among friends?

On Saturday, Quiteria the nonuplet warrior defeated Genesius in a fairly close battle 54% to 46%. She will go on to face the winner of Thomas à Kempis vs. Maria Skobstova in the Saintly Sixteen.

For those of you who filled out brackets in advance, is it already busted? Or maybe a saint you really wanted to win has lost, causing you to lose all faith in humanity — or at least in the Lent Madness voting public. Just a reminder — it’s not really about which saints win or lose (they’ve all received their Golden Halos) — it’s about encountering Jesus through the inspiring lives of those who have come before us in the faith. So buck up! And live to vote another day.

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