A Statement on Virginia by the Supreme Executive Committee

March 14, 2012
Scott Gunn

Angry Mob

A misinformed angry mob tried to confront the Supreme Executive Committee


Erroneous Lent Madness Readers Corrected

March 13, 2012

In our recent post on Lent Madness, the Supreme Executive Committee asserted that Virginia is named for the Virgin Mary. Some people claimed that this is false, and that Virginia is allegedly named for Elizabeth I of England, the "Virgin Queen." The SEC knows that, in fact, the Commonwealth of Virginia was named by recusants and that, ipso facto, the referent is to none other than the Ever-blessed Virgin Mary.

Remember, if you disagree with us, you are also disagreeing with the Our Lord's Mother, who is still mighty and important, even though she didn't make this year's bracket.



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32 comments on “A Statement on Virginia by the Supreme Executive Committee”

  1. Dear Hope and Skye,

    If you are reading in this section, please do NOT use the Supreme Executive Committee's unique historical insights on any of your future homework. Sometimes grown-ups are just plain wrong -- a polite word for this is "confused" -- and you should ignore them.
    (You will know all about this, instinctively, once you are teenagers.)

    Also, sorry about Santa Claus, but he is in a better place now - back to working on gifts and generating Christmas Spirit instead of hanging around here fighting.

    Auntie Jenn

  2. Hi,
    I think you are confusing Virginia with Maryland, which was founded by recusants and is named after Our Blessed Mother.

  3. and if you disagree with me, you are also disagreeing with the Scholar-in-Residence of St. Paul's Church, Brookfield, Ct, and with the Mother of Our Lord, who is, indeed, more important than anyone in this year's bracket.

  4. My only disagreement is that she's Blessed Mary, Ever-Virgin... but then I'm THAT kind of Marian.

    1. This is the above-cited Scholar in Residence checking in.
      Actually according to the Magnificat she is the Ever Blessed Virgin Mary; but if the Commonwealth had been named by recusants then the referent would have been Blessed Mary, Ever-Virgin

  5. Maryland was formed from land (once part of Virginia) given by King Charles I to the recusant George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore, but Virginia was settled (and named) by Anglicans, and all who arrived there had to take the Oath of Supremacy (no recusants allowed).

    In fact, Lord Baltimore had arrived first in Virginia, but was not permitted to stay because he refused to take the oath; subsequently he was able to convince the king to grant him the land that he later named Maryland, Terre Mariae --- but as I understand it, not even this was a reference to the Virgin Mary, but rather to Henrietta Maria, wife of the king. The name was part of the agreement from the king in granting the land to Lord Baltimore --- although LB in his heart of hearts might have considered the name a tribute to Our Lady.

    1. Of course it was a double dedication to the Queen of England and the Queen of heaven! One may suspect that the latter was really primary since Maryland Day is also Lady Day (March 25)

  6. Hmm... Elizabeth versus Mary in a battle over religion and real estate...seems eerily familiar, somehow...could get bloody...

  7. Oh, sure, you all can be all confident in your so-called "facts." But we on the Supreme Executive Committee know that the Theotokos has our back.

    To put it another way, Yes, Virginia,the SEC view of history is as real as anything else in Lent Madness.

  8. Sorry even Mary the Mother of Lord knows that Virginia is named after the Virgin Queen Elisabeth I who was named after Maey's cousin Elisabeth, mother of John the Baptist.

  9. I'm completely disillusioned. I thought for sure it was named after the little girl who asked, 'is there really a Santa Claus?". 😛

  10. Looks like Paris and the mob chasing the Phantom of the Opera who kept the Virgin captive.

  11. Thank you, SEC and all here, for a great belly laugh first thing in the morning, after facing my Lent anxiety at 6:30 in the morning. This is the absolutely best Lent Madness year ever!

  12. The recusants and the term 'Commonwealth' came later. The original Virginia Company were round heads and not about to name their colony for such popish affectations as the worship of the Virgin Mary! As a wise man or woman once said, "You are welcome to your own opinion, but not to your own facts!"

  13. However supreme you think you are! (clergy seem to have a particular problem with that illusion!)

  14. Maryland may have been "officially" named after Queen Henrietta Maria, but I'm very glad I don't live in Henriettaland! The first settlement in the Maryland colony was named St. Mary's City on the St. Mary's River, so it isn't hard to figure out where the settlers' hearts lay. There must have been a lot of nudging and winking going on aboard the Ark and the Dove.

  15. The Commonwealth of Virginia was chartered in 1607 under Queen Elizabeth "the Virgin Queen" When I saw SEC I thought at first you were siteing the Security and Exchange Commission as your authority - perhaps you were after all!! Someone else from Burke, Virginia - yes that Virginia. Hope and Skye rock!!

  16. Mom told us that our Commonwealth is named after Gloriana. And she says the jury is still out on whether or not Elizabeth was appropriately nicknamed the Virgin Queen. All of that is way over our heads. We just like that we live in Virginia.

    Thank you to Aunt Jenn for reminding us that Santa Claus is busy doing other things. That made us feel better about him losing to that Evelyn person in the first round.

    1. Skye and Hope show wisdom far beyond their years and the SEC would be wise to give serious thought and consideration to their wisdom.

      You might also want to throw in a couple of Lent Madness mugs for them to use for drinking hot chocolate as compensation for the "tea sipper" taking out Santa Clause.

      1. Hear hear! Compensatory sippin' mugs are a superb idea. Perhaps Nicholas of Myra could arrange that, since he's got some time on his hands...and while he's at it, perhaps also an American history book for the members of the SEC, despite how Naughty they have been of late.

  17. The recusants would have referred to our Lord's mother as "the blessed ever virgin Mary," but that's a minor point. She knows who She is, and so does He.

  18. I should think any Episcopalian would be pleased to know that Virginia was named for Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen. One can only hope all this nonsense is supposed to be a joke. If not, there are some serious flaws in people's history lessons.

  19. Thanks for making Lent fun and also helping some of us to learn something new. Keep it up