Monday Madness -- On Epic Battles and PBS Sensations

This week Tim and Scott review the action-packed battles of the week, look at how the Saintly 16 is shaping up, and talk about the new sensation sweeping PBS.

Enjoy more videos on the Lent Madness video channel.


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5 comments on “Monday Madness -- On Epic Battles and PBS Sensations”

  1. I can hardly wait for this week's upcoming battles. When you consider that I am about to go 5-4 in my brackets you might wonder why.

    I was confident going in that I had done my due diligence, researched the candidates and selected those who had been more significant in the life of the church than their foes. I now suspect that my methodology was flawed. I have read the comments posted and divined from them that important things to consider seem to be: "somebody I would like to have coffee with", "the underdog", "he looks so good in his surplice" and my favorite"I am voting for the mother because without her there would be no son".

    Next yaer I am going to a sure fire strategy. I plan to outline the bracket in the litter in my cat's litterbox. Then I will simply watch what the cat does, I am sure you get the picture. As for this year I will soldier on and fortify myself by watching Tim and Scott's video presentation 10 more times, renew by blood pressure medications and buy a bottle of good Kentucky Bourbon.

  2. Excellent video. Tim, look at your camera not off -camera at your notes – think Teleprompter. Nice plugs for Hampton Inn and Bonhoeffer; that ought to raise discussion about pre-loading the votes in his bracket! Fair promo for the Okerhater vs. Enmegahbowh bracket, which is going to be tough!
    I, also, am looking forward to JoA vs. MM bracket. I’ll be reading those comments closely before I vote – poll closes when?

    Next Lenten Madness, based on comments about Augustine of Hippo vs. Monnica, why not have Mary vs. her son? That ought to crash your server! 😉
    Posted 2050 CST

    Completed Bracket tote bag is my vote. Natural fiber, USA made.

  3. Jim, welcome to the wonderful world of Lent Madness. Scripture? Check. Tradition? Check. Reason? Not a chance! And if I didn't give up alcohol for Lent (stupid choice), I'd join you in that bourbon.

    Ed, if I was smarter I would have committed the bracket to memory. I have sent a letter to the White House asking if I could borrow one of their teleprompters for the duration of Lent. I haven't hear back despite the fact that we pray for "Barack our President" every week in church. I'm reconsidering this policy.

  4. Fr. Scott, if you like Italian food, check out Zia's Bistro on India Street in Little Italy. Yes, that's Little Italy on India St. Any self respecting San Diegan can direct you. Lots of wonderful food choices in Little Italy! Hope you're not fasting for Lent.

  5. Scott's hotel room looked awfully bleak, especially compared with the opulent set from which Tim broadcasts. Appropriate for Lent, I suppose.

    Funny you should mention it, but I did experience some LMW this weekend. Fortunately, I have football (meaning soccer) to fall back on. Go Arsenal. Go Bonhoeffer.