Monthly Madness: Purple Friday Doorbuster Special

Despite our belief that Lent Madness mugs will be the salvation of the church, The Supreme Executive Committee deplores crass commercialization. We’re especially opposed to the non-Lenten buying frenzy of the day after Thanksgiving. We believe that all post-Thanksgiving shopping should support the spread of Lent to every aspect of our church and secular life. In this spirit, since we know many of you are determined to open your wallets this weekend anyway, we hope you will opt to take part in Purple Friday, the famous day when people do their early Lent shopping. Watch this video to see Tim and Scott report on this year’s Purple Friday:

As you’ll see, they reveal this year’s Purple Friday Doorbuster Special, so called because people are breaking down the doors of our website snagging big bargains. Hurry up! Time is short! The end is near!

Lent Madness Bracket Poster 2014You can buy the Lent Madness 2014 Bracket Poster, featuring the complete listing of every saint in the bracket and a bonus QR code so random people in your parish hall can pull out their phones and go right to the Lent Madness website without exhausting their thumbs typing in the web address Buy one for your church, one for home, one for your car, and several for your neighbors. They make excellent stocking stuffers for all your favorite Lent Madness fans.

This weekend only, buy Lent Madness 2014 Bracket Posters for only $6. That’s a 40% savings off the full retail price. At that discount, you can buy one for everyone on your Christmas, Advent, and Lent shopping lists.

When you spend money on Purple Friday, you are not only getting an excellent price, you are supporting the ministry of Forward Movement and the spread of Lent Madness. Speaking of spending money, Forward Movement is running a fantastic sale on Cyber Monday, so visit their website on Monday to snag great bargains, including an unbeatable price on Tim’s book, Dog in the Manger: Finding God in Christmas Chaos. For now, buy plenty of Lent Madness 2014 Bracket Posters¬†and make this the best Purple Friday ever.

4 Comments to "Monthly Madness: Purple Friday Doorbuster Special"

  1. Carolyn Cleveland's Gravatar Carolyn Cleveland
    November 29, 2013 - 12:06 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for another chortle on a day when I needed it! I love the SEC!

  2. dolores nicholson's Gravatar dolores nicholson
    November 29, 2013 - 3:12 pm | Permalink

    Has the SEC no shame? No limits ? Apparently not…and I LOVE IT !!! Out with stodgy, non-creative types in our Church! In with new, untested efforts, ultra creative ways to get those mega-bucks! if I can scrounge around in the bottom of my pocketbook and find any loose change, I’ll forward a couple of ducats ASAP.

  3. Jim Oppenheimer's Gravatar Jim Oppenheimer
    November 29, 2013 - 9:16 pm | Permalink

    I was saddened that you inadvertently forgot to include Joe Hill, but there is always next year.

  4. November 30, 2013 - 4:52 pm | Permalink

    I just luh you guys! Happy Advent!!

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