Tim Sees Dead People

April 12, 2014
Scott Gunn

Fr. Tim Schenck, member of the SEC and proud ferret owner, goes on camera to speak with everyone's favorite deceased archbishops. Yes, it's time for today's update from Archbishop John Chrysostom and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, featuring an interview with Tim.

There's a shout out for 50 Days of Fabulous, which is a great way to survive Lent Madness Withdrawal whilst celebrating Eastertide for its full fifty days.

Don't forget to watch all the back episodes of Monday Madness and the Archbishops' Update over at LentMadnessTV.

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37 comments on “Tim Sees Dead People”

  1. ........Do I see the tiniest chink in the sec's armor? Does Fred McFeely Rogers actually have a chance at getting into next year's bracket?
    Or(the less pleasant alternative) is the sec prepare for more and likely acerbic-increased nagging?
    Please don't make it necessary for me to bring on what can only be defined as verbal pu239(weapons grade plutonium. Nasty stuff).
    I will do this. As you surely know by now.
    Peace out,

    1. Let me know when you are ready to open up the chink in the armor. Peace cause its a beautiful day in the neighborhood. there seem to be several Barbaras weighing in so I will refer to myself as Babs the crusader. wouldn't Calvin say this is predestined?????

      1. Yes, O Babs the crusader, you make an excellent point. Not even remotely insipid. ... . .!

        1. i am a bit unsettled by the thought that Capt Kangaroo could be considered to possibly hold a candle to Fred Rogers. I mean that was not even his real name. I think the SEC needs to drop the innuendo that Fred is at any level unworthy. Battle on. We need a slogan

          1. Hi Babs,
            After thinking about it while in the shower(some of my most lucid ideas come to me while performing my daily ablutions), I realize that you are right. While capt. Kangaroo was entertaining, and he was, he didn't teach me the enduring lessons that Fred Rogers did, those of personal value, acknowledging one's feelings, and expressing those feelings in a non-destructive way(see: "what do you do with the mad that you feel", it's on YouTube).
            Simply put, "people can like you just the way you are".
            Powerful lessons that are just as important now as when I was growing up, possibly more so.
            Not the least bit insipid, thank you very much.
            A slogan. Hmmm. I need to think about that
            Some. Maybe " Cardigan Power"?
            I'm open to suggestions!

      2. .....I have been prying @ said armor for some time, along with several like-minded people.....we're not what you would call an insipid bunch.....

  2. Okay, I can't stand the thought of being without Lent Madness so I've signed up for 50 Days of Fabulous. What a great idea!

    1. Completely agree!
      From one who is determined to see Fred Rogers in next year's bracket, and will not bloody well knock it off,
      I remain,
      As always,

  3. Perhaps we should begin badgering the Presbyterians to recognize Fred Rogers in some official way> Have they a website??

  4. I KNEW there was a good reason to like Tim even though it's not Facebook — anyone who has a ferret is AOkay in my book.
    As for Mr. Insipid Rogers — oh please.

    1. Insipid?.................
      At the risk of tooting my own horn here, I have to say that as a Survivor of childhood bullying, it was this dear man who, when I came home from school in tears, with my self esteem in shreds, reassured me that I had value, that I was loved, and that people could like me "just by being who you are".

  5. Could it be that the endless possibilities of Fred Rogers-inspired saintly kitsch are just too tantalizing for the SEC to pass up? Is that what we have to thank for this tiny cracking open of the door? Or maybe the ferret is finally talking some sense into the SEC. God bless the kitsch! And the ferret, too.

    1. Yes indeed, Lizk, I always thought ferrets had more going on in their pointy little heads than meets the eye......guess they're not as INSIPID as they look.........:/

  6. 50 Days of Fabulous should be interesting and a source of comfort as go through yet another season of LMW. The only excitement will be the Mr. Rogers group and it's fearless (?) leader, Mme. Madeleine, and her rabid, frothing at the mouth cohorts who are now plotting to rally the Presbyterians to join in the fray. The SEC has been warned according to Madeleine therefore, as the old hymn says: ".....We'll see what the end will be."

    1. Yes, dear Aleathia, we sure will.
      And it may not be all that Insipid.
      Yours for non-insipidity,
      Your frothing-at-the-mouth-friend complete with a nice little supply of verbal PU239(WEAPONS GRADE PLUTONIUM),

  7. Hi Aleathia,
    It was snarky comments such as ms. Devlin's that get my mouth to frothing.

  8. Personally, I'd rather it be Capt. Kangaroo, but it's a generational thing, I'm sure. Looks like the Presbyterians need to get their act together on this one and take care of their guy so he qualifies. After all, the SEC is a stickler for Rules, as we have seen in the recent attempts to stuff the ballot box. What next? Hanging chads?

    1. Actually, Trisha, I'd be amenable to Captain Kangaroo as well. But the sec would doubtless pit them against each other, and you know how I'd vote!!!!

    2. It would probably be easier to get Fred Rogers on the Episcopal Church calendar -- almost anyone who has moved to the brighter side of life can be included on our calendar -- the Presbyterians don't really recognized holy people, at least not on a calendar.

  9. Oh PLEASE, not Fred Rogers!!! My kids couldn't stand him and neither could I! He doesn't belong on the Episcopal Calendar, or on any religious calendar as far as I'm concerned!!!!!

  10. Gee, Madeleine, of the 24 comments, you've got 12 ! You've been a busy little bee today. I know the SEC is keeping tabs to get a head account for FFR cohorts !

    1. Hi Aleathia, yes it's amazing what I can accomplish by putting shoulder to wheel/ nose to grind stone! And cleaning my apartment between posts......not what I would call an INSIPID day(boy that crack got me riled and I ain't kidding!!!).

      1. it is not about 'liking' It is about offering all to God. Don't make me dig up Bishop John C.'s tawdry past. Peace, Babs

  11. Palm Sunday is an extra special day for me. It is the day i arrived at the Episcopal Parish of St John the Baptist in Portland, Oregon. Love at first sight! My Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus; the Church; the pastor; the parishioners (who became my church family): drew me to this place. A year later, on Easter Day, i was baptized and received into the Church. I consider Easter my real birthday! That was about 14 years ago. I am still in love with my Lord and His Church. Thanks be to God that He gave me so much mercy and brought me to Himself!

  12. Shelley.
    I am a survivor(do not call me a victim) of childhood bullying.
    More times than I can remember, coming home with my self esteem in shreds, Fred McFeely Rogers' calm, gentle demeanor reminded me that I have value, that I was and am loved. Those messages are just as necessary to our children today, perhaps more so
    Before you start slamming someone who can no longer stand up for himself, please keep in mind that some of us still cherish(yes, that's right, cherish) the timeless values he passed on to us, pass those same values on to our children and grandchildren, and will speak up in his defense.

  13. Here's a thought: maybe Lent Madness or 50 Days of Fabulous could add sort of an exhibition round--the Stars in Your Crown round--for persons not on the saintly rosters who've touched lives and inspired spirits through their arts or efforts. There could be open nominations, then maybe feature the top five or ten nominees with a bio and a chance for readers to vote to suggest the number of stars in their crowns. And of course there would be comments. That would be the place for acknowledging good people who use their talents and influence in a positive way (including one's favorite key-jingling or sweater-sporting host of quality programming for kids, Tony Bennett, Jane Goodall, June Carter Cash, and other famous folks who inspire love and touch lives). Also, this could include contemporary church leaders, such as Desmond Tutu. It wouldn't have to be a competition--more a celebration.

  14. Mr. Rogers was one of the great representatives of the human race in our day. Learn about him -- that's what we've done with all the other saints of this venture, right? The only thing we can do is vote him out -- or more likely -- vote him in!

    It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood and I hope it's the same in yours.

    1. Very well said, Ann. It is indeed a beautiful day here in Ypsilanti Michigan,
      Happy Palm Sunday everyone!