Celebrity Blogger Days (part 2)

We continue our introductions of this year’s lineup of Celebrity Bloggers. Following Part 1 of this little exercise, we finish things up with the aptly named Part 2. Again, we’re asking our faithful crew to share a picture doing something they love; ask what most excites them about Lent Madness 2022; and find out if there’s anything they’d like to promote.

To see the full group and read their bios, click here.

You can usually find David Creech wearing a bicycle helmet.

What most excites you about Lent Madness 2022? I am excited for the madness. The close calls. The surprise upsets. The impassioned pleas for votes. The sweet victories. Mostly, though, I am excited to learn about the joys and travails of being human and the messiness of what it means to be faithful to God.

Anything you’d like to promote? I’ve got nothing to plug except a certain rector who is in the running to be Bishop of Southwest Florida. [editor’s note: surprisingly enough, that would be Tim]

Here’s Miriam McKenney with her girls at a BTS pop-up shop in Chicago. As she
puts it, “stanning and being with my daughters are two of my favorite things.” (What BTS? A Korean boy band. Mic drop).

What most excites you about Lent Madness 2022? What most excites me about LM 2022 is what excites me every year: learning more about saints I’ve never heard of. I’m always better for the edification Lent Madness puts out, the weirder the better.

Anything you’d like to promote? I don’t do much so I got nothing to promote.

David Hansen is a cat guy. If he’s not preaching or teaching, chances are he’s hanging out with the cats.

What most excites you about Lent Madness 2022? Overlooked in the past, this is the year of the patron saint of Coffee. Surely, equipped with Father Tim’s coffee book and a strong cup of joe, this is Saint Drogo’s year!

Anything you’d like to promote? During the pandemic, I have increased my work as a coach of congregations and clergy seeking renewal. Check out digitalpastor.org.



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