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Nino of Georgia vs. Benedict the Moor

We conclude a rough-and-tumble week of saintly contests with Nino of Georgia vs. Benedict the Moor. Yesterday, Isadora the Simple made Simeon the Holy Fool look foolish 54% to 46% to advance to the Saintly Sixteen. And, don’t forget that one of the joys of this Lenten pop-up community may be found in the comment […]

Isidora the Simple vs. Simeon the Holy Fool

Just to be clear, today’s saints were not named after the two members of the Lent Madness Supreme Executive Committee. I mean, how would you even distinguish which one was which? But we return to the ever-popular Confusion Corner quadrant of the bracket as Isidora the Simple takes on Simeon the Holy Fool, two unconventional […]

Dunstan vs. Maryam of Qidun

Hey, look! It’s a saint a lot of people have heard of! But, as history would suggest, that means nothing in this annual clash of saints. Nonetheless Dunstan squares off against Maryam of Qidun (we were referring to Dunstan, obviously) in today’s Lent Madness battle. Yesterday, Marianne Cope erased Bartolomé de las Casas 65% to […]

Bartolomé de las Casas vs. Marianne Cope

Today’s matchup covers a lot of territory. From Spain to Haiti to Germany to New York to Hawaii, Bartolomé de Las Casas and Marianne Cope were collectively well traveled (remember travel?). Yesterday, Euphrosyne left Evagrius the Solitary basically standing alone on a street corner for the rest of Lent 64% to 36%. Though, in fairness, […]

Monday Madness — March 1, 2021

Are Tim and Scott bitter about being snubbed (once again!) at last night’s Golden Globe Awards? Obviously. Everybody knows Monday Madness is the finest Lenten show in the penitential world. The production values alone make it stand out in the crowded field of seasonal church telecasts. But just as they suggest people who find fault […]

Evagrius the Solitary vs. Euphrosyne

We hope you had a restful couple of days away from the saintly electoral process, because we’re back for another full week of exciting Lent Madness action. On Friday, just to catch you up, Theodora the Empress roundly defeated Theodora of Alexandria 75% to 25% to advance to the Saintly Sixteen, where she’ll face Albert […]

Theodora of Alexandria vs. Theodora the Empress

Welcome to the final battle of the first full week of Lent Madness 2021 aka the Theodora Throwdown! Today it’s Theodora of Alexandria vs. Theodora the Empress. Only one Theodora will make it to the next round. Yesterday Arnulf of Metz left Vincent of Saragossa to drown his sorrows 56% to 44%. Arnulf will face […]

Arnulf of Metz vs. Vincent of Saragossa

Like a fine wine or a craft beer, Lent Madness goes down smoothly with notes of penitence and joy. Fortunately, with today’s battle, we have both possibilities at play. Arnulf of Metz is the patron saint of beer brewers; Vincent of Saragossa is the patron saint of wine makers. They have other identities as well, […]

Joan of Arc vs. Catherine Booth

Welcome to the highly anticipated matchup between the Wednesday Warrior Women! Today Joan of Arc, the young soldier/saint, faces Catherine Booth, preacher and driving force behind the formation of the Salvation Army. See…warriors. Yesterday, in a hotly contested matchup — the closest battle so far this year — Melangell held Hermione at bay 52% to […]

Hermione vs. Melangell

Saints end up in the Lent Madness bracket for a variety of reasons. Some for heroic acts or miracles, some for leadership or great teachings. And some simply because they have cool names (ie. Christina the Astonishing in 2014). Today’s saintly souls didn’t end up in the bracket because of their names alone, but they […]