Monday Madness -- February 18, 2013

Monday MadnessAfter an exciting Ash Week here at Lent Madness, Tim and Scott are pleased to present Monday Madness for this first full week of Lent Madness 2013. In this episode they talk about some of the insane match-ups of Lent Madness, and how if you think they should be easy or "fair" then you are expecting the wrong thing. It's madness, not sanity. Included in this video are some shout-outs to a fan video, a first-time blogger inspired by Lent Madness, and two "Journal-themed" articles in mass media, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and the Lincoln Journal-Star. Hint: Wall Street Journal, it's time for you to hop on the Lent Madness media machine!

You can find the complete corpus of Monday Madness on our Vimeo channel, and unlike Downton Abbey, we don't plan to kill off the main characters. Also, we only sell mugs, bracket posters, and ebooks, so you can get the entire line of tie-in merchandise without breaking the bank. Instead of holding boring Downton Abbey-themed parties where you have to decide if you are the upstairs or downstairs type, these videos might inspire you to host either an all-purple party or a dress-like-your-favorite-saint party. Thus Monday Madness is way better. Also, it doesn't incite class warfare.

Oh, and don't forget to watch Maple Anglican's most excellent video for this week of Lent Madness. We dig Archbishops Thomas and John, and we love Maple's choice of sports-style background music. Keep it up, Mr. Anglican!

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Monday Madness -- January 21, 2013

Tim and Scott are at it again this week in a new episode of Monday Madness. Tune in as they discuss the Super Bowl, play-in matches, Celebrity Bloggers, and more.

Tune in to the Lent Madness channel on Vimeo for more action-packed episodes of Monday Madness. And don't forget to check out the excellent video work coming from Maple Anglican, including this outstanding recap of the third play-in by color commentators Thomas Cranmer and John Chrysostom.

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