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Joseph vs. Joshua

Well, well, well. In what many pundits are calling the first upset of Lent Madness 2020, Herman of Alaska dispatched Elizabeth of Hungary yesterday 58% to 42%. This means that the first matchup of the Saintly Sixteen has been finalized as Herman will face Thomas More for a shot at the Elate Eight. Today, it’s […]

Elizabeth of Hungary vs. Herman of Alaska

A Tuesday during Lent, can mean only one thing: time to cast a vote in Lent Madness! But first, some results. Yesterday, Eva Lee Matthews soundly defeated Hervé (and his little dog too!) 61% to 39%. Today, the second of the four Elizabeths in the 2020 bracket makes an appearance, as Elizabeth of Hungary takes […]

Eva Lee Matthews vs. Hervé

Welcome back! After a day off from voting, we hope you’re ready for the first full week of Lent Madness action. On Friday, we saw Eustace behave like a deer in the headlights against Margery Kempe, as he was slain 70% to 30%. Today’s matchup features a late-19th century American nun vs. a 6th century […]

Margery Kempe vs. Eustace

Welcome to the one and only Saturday matchup of Lent Madness 2020. From here on out every contest will take place exclusively on the weekdays of Lent. In a word, today is SPECIAL! And to mark this special occasion, Margery Kempe, a 14th century mystic, takes on Eustace, an early Christian soldier. Yesterday, Elizabeth soundly […]

Andrew vs. Elizabeth

After a rousing first day of Lent Madness 2020, in which Thomas More routed James the Less 68% to 32% amid heavy voting (over 10,000 votes cast), we’re on to day two. And we’ve established, once and for all, that less is not more. At least in this year’s edition of the Saintly Smackdown. Today, […]

Thomas More vs. James the Less

Welcome to the opening matchup of Lent Madness 2020! If you’re a veteran of the Saintly Smackdown, we’re delighted you’re back for another year of saintly thrills and spills. If you’re joining us for the first time, we’re especially glad you’re along for this wild penitential ride. If you’re curious about what this all entails, […]

Nicholas of Myra vs. Rudolph of Gubbio

After Monday’s cardiac arrest-inducing battle between Pandita Ramabai and Damien of Molokai, it was a bit easier on our Lenten hearts to have a close-but-not-too-close contest to determine the Battle of Rome yesterday. Paula of Rome came out on top, defeating Marcella of Rome 57% to 43% to advance to the Saintly Sixteen, where she’ll […]

Paula of Rome vs. Marcella of Rome

Yesterday, in one of the tightest matches in Lent Madness history, Pandita Ramabai snuck past Damien of Molokai despite a virtual dead heat. With over 8,500 votes cast, she won by a mere 45 votes. She’ll square off against Marguerite d’Youville in the Saintly Sixteen. Close observers of this tight contest watched as Pandita staked […]

Damien of Molokai vs. Pandita Ramabai

Happy Monday! Grab your coffee and read some compelling stories about two saintly souls as we start another full week of the world’s most popular online Lenten devotion. We didn’t necessarily realize their names rhymed when we paired Damien of Molokai with Pandita Ramabai but, as this seems to be the Year of the Limerick […]

Ananias vs. Photini

In a week full of lopsided battles, yesterday’s matchup took the A to Z prize as Zenaida routed Apollonia 81% to 19%. She’ll advance to the Saintly Sixteen where she’ll take on the winner of Nicholas of Myra vs. Rudolph of Gubbio. Today, we round out the second full week of Lent Madness with another […]