There's more to Lent than brackets?!

If you've spent more than 15 seconds on this website, you'll know that the Supreme Executive Committee loves nothing more than the endless and shameless promotion of Lent Madness. Tim and Scott think the Saintly Smackdown is a pretty great way to share the stories of how the love of Jesus has burned brightly in the hearts of saints new and ancient, lay and clergy, prophet and martyr, and so on.

We also know that many Lent Madness fans like to engage in this Lenten season in other ways. The custom of self-denial through giving up those things that distract us from God is a worthy practice. Lent invites us to spend time with the scriptures and in prayer. Lent calls us to look beyond ourselves, to focus on loving God and loving our neighbors.

It's only three weeks until Ash Wednesday, so we thought now might be a good time to mention a few resources to take with you on your Lenten journey.

To that end, Forward Movement offers an array of Lenten resources. You can see the whole list online, but we wanted to highlight a few for Lent Madness fans.

A Spring in the Desert: Rediscovering the Water of Life in Lent by Frank and Victoria Logue
A Spring in the Desert coverJesus stepped out of the water of baptism into uninhabitable wilderness, emerging forty days later to offer the water of life for those thirsting for God’s presence. A little more than two centuries later, a group of Christians withdrew from a spiritually barren Roman Empire to find their faith blossom in the stony soil of the Egyptian desert.

Frank and Victoria Logue offer a Lenten journey inspired by the many passages of scripture that use images of water in the desert as a sign of the healing and wholeness that come through God alone. To this they add the distilled wisdom of the Desert Mothers and Fathers and the surprisingly rich inspiration of the plants and animals that thrive in an arid land. Along the way, they will share the ways our faith speaks to the barren places in our lives and how those times of drought can be a source of strength.

The paper book is available from Forward Movement (bulk discounts available) or from Amazon for your Kindle app or reader.


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