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Monday Madness — Lent Shutdown Edition

After last week’s “Monday” Madness on Tuesday edition, you’ll be relieved to know that all is again right with the world. Monday Madness has returned to…Monday. This week, Tim and ScottĀ discuss the Lent Madness pre-season, a time when the saints prepare for the Lenten grind that is to come. They’re hitting the gym for their […]

Monthly Madness: Advent (Mini-Lent) Edition

This is the season of waiting and preparation. We are preparing our brackets for Lent Madness 2018 and waiting for Lenty Claus to come bring us wonderful Lenten gifts. In this month’s video episode, Tim and Scott talk about the most sought-after gifts of the season. Yes, that’s right. You’ll get inside information on this […]

Monday Madness: Celebrity Blogger Week Edition

As Celebrity Blogger Week kicks off today, Tim and Scott bring you another action-packed episode of Monday Madness. This week, they talk about Celebrity Blogger Week and the burden of the Lentarazzi that our Celebrity Bloggers face. However, if you are lucky enough to spot one of our Celebrity Bloggers in person, they’ll probably agree […]

Purple Friday 2016 – All the Hot Deals!

Here at Lent Madness, we love the color purple. Why? Because it screams penitential fun! Or at least it puts us in the mood, regardless of the season, for everyone’s favorite online Lenten devotion. This is why, once again, we’re excited to offer you some hot Purple Friday deals. While people have been queued up […]

Insane Bargains at the Lentorium!

Did you know St. Barbara is the patron saint of warehouses? It’s true! She didn’t do so well in Lent Madness 2015, having lost to Thomas Ken in the first round in the epic Barbie vs. Ken battle that people are still talking about. Anyway, we sure hope we’re still on St. Barbara’s good side, […]

Monthly Madness — Nominationtide Edition

As long-time Lent Madness fans will know, the epic video series offered by Tim and Scott, Monday Madness, changes to Monthly Madness in the off-season. This is the first episode of Monthly Madness for 2016. In this month’s episode, coming in the final hours of Nominationtide, the Supreme Executive Committee answers viewer questions about nominations. […]

Monday Madness — Easter Edition

In this post-game episode, Tim and Scott chat transatlantically, with Scott coming “live” from Salisbury Cathedral in jolly old England. Responding to cries from the Lent Madness Global Viewing Public, the SEC has awarded the Silver Halo to Julian of Norwich, who lost out to Golden Halo winner Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the epic championship contest. […]

Lent Madness 2016 Swagapalooza!

With the close of Lent Madness 2016, it has become a tradition to award the Golden Halo winner with a mug bearing his or her likeness. This year is no exception and we’re pleased to make available the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Golden Halo mug. Whether you exclusively drink single-origin black coffee like Tim and Scott or […]

Monday Madness (Global Edition) — January 18, 2016

This week, Tim and Scott come to you live from Accra, Ghana and Stowe, Vermont, proving that the Supreme Executive Committee will go to all the corners of the earth for you, the Lent Madness public. Scott is on a pilgrimage with Episcopal Relief & Development to learn more about their inspiring and transformational work […]

Monday Madness — 2016 Season Premiere

It’s hard to believe, but the time is here! Gather your loved ones at the computer and watch the Supreme Executive Committee in the season premiere of Monday Madness. For the first time ever, Tim and Scott appear in 720p high-def full color! More important, in this episode, they exclusively reveal never-before-seen details of the […]