A Better Bracket!

February 16, 2012
Tim Schenck

No, we haven't added your favorite saint that didn't make it into Lent Madness 2012. But thanks to "celebrity blogger" Adam Thomas we now have a much more attractive printable bracket. The youngest (hippest?) member of the Lent Madness team saw a need (my ugly, plain-looking  bracket) and upped the ante with some color and fancy graphics (you can obviously still print it in black and white).

If you have already printed out your bracket but want to upgrade, please recycle your old bracket. Or use it for composting if you live in Vermont (and while you're out there in Vermont, kindly send us some Ben & Jerry's ice cream -- thanks in advance).

As a way of thanking Adam I suggest you buy his awesome new book Digital Disciple: Real Christianity in a Virtual World. As you can see, the cover shows him using his mobile device to vote in last year's Lent Madness. He evidently like to do this in an empty church.


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12 comments on “A Better Bracket!”

  1. I seriously doubt I'm the hippest "celebrity" blogger. I'm just glad Tim gave me the keys to the Lent Madness website. Now I can manipulate the voting so that Philander Chase gets out of the first round. Not that I will. Just saying...I could.

    1. Adam!!!! You would even INTIMATE that "someone" might manipulate Thomas Merton out of the field? The very idea!!! Ain't NOBODY hip enough to get away with THAT!

    2. Don't forget to vote from both your smartphone and your computer then. And your neighbour's computer?

  2. Since this is my first blog ever, I am definitely not a hip celebrity blogger. There can be no contest between James Lloyd Breck and John Cassian. Cassian must win hands down. Christian theologian known to Western and Eastern Churches, Desert Father, Mystic and Monk -vs- founder of Nashotah House (and I'm from Wisconsin) who ended up in CA. No contest - none at all - but I so appreciate Cassian being included in Lent Madness.

  3. Oh, this is much prettier! Thanks Tim!

    But before I print it out, I just wanted to check... is that really meant to be the "Elate 8"? Or was that a typo for "Elite 8", which doesn't rhyme but is what I would expect?

  4. Victoria, you can thank me for Adam's hard work. I'm a rector after all -- taking credit for other people's work is what I do for a living. And, yes, it is "Elate Eight." A bit awkward but it'll keep us from getting sued by the NCAA.