Brackets to Go

February 24, 2012
Scott Gunn

Yesterday, Ashes to Go was all the rage. But today that's all dust. Instead, the world has moved on. New life. Time for a new Lenten mission to take to the streets. So naturally, today we inaugurated the first-ever Brackets to Go in Cincinnati.

Brackets to Go

Offering a bracket to a grateful passer-by

Yours truly bravely donned cassock, surplice, and tippet (without all that seal foppery) and headed out of doors. I avoided wearing my beloved Canterbury Cap, because I didn't want to be construed as endorsing Lancelot Andrewes in today's matchup.

It was a profoundly sacred experience as people said, "Thank you! I am so grateful I didn't have to turn on my printer in order to get a bracket" and "Finally, I'll know who is the victor of Tarsus, Paul or Theodore." Still others were heard to say, "Hey, some of these clowns are only in Holy Women, Holy Men!" Perhaps the most amazing comment came from a teary-eyed recipient, "I cannot wait for saintly kitsch, especially if Evelyn Underhill is still in the running."

Yes, friends, it was gratifying to take Lent Madness to the streets -- to get outside the computer screen and iPhone. Just can't figure out why there were no television networks there to film my holy work.


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18 comments on “Brackets to Go”

  1. There were no television networks there because you left St. Clare off this year! No St. Clare, no television -- duh!

  2. I withdrew from the Vergers Guild when I read a discussion about whether or not war medals were appropriate to wear on one's garb. The seal foppery is a little like a merit badge sash and good camper award sash from Boy Scout days. Go humbly into the masses unadorned, armed solely with the brackets. I'm sure you had a ready answer for those wanting to know where were the ashes to go.

    I'm still pulling for you and Tim to wind up on 60 Minutes with Morley Safer doing the piece. Do brag a little when it happens and let us mortals know.

  3. The timing is right for Tim and me to be on 60 Minutes. Until Lent, I would not have shared a teevee screen with him, due to our archrivalry. But since that is on hiatus for the duration of Lent, we can do joint interviews.

    If you all know Morley Safer, I think it's safe to say that either Tim or I would be happy to take his call. As for NPR, it all depends on which reporter calls. Now, if only we could work out a "Car Talk" connection....

    1. I was thinking "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" celebrity quiz - Subject "Great Scots" or trivia about guns including Peter Gunn.
      Still want the completed bracket tote bag (Made in the USA)
      Might settlle for a down-loadable iron-on tattoo. 😉

  4. Bill Moyers might be more receptive. He is a minister, albeit a Baptist! Good work on this. You are doing a wonderful thing.

  5. I was delighted to learn of another Evelyn Underhill fan out there. *waves to that teary-eyed person*

  6. Do I detect some resistance to the idea of "ashes to go," Scott? I'd be interested to hear your take - maybe you've already blogged about it?

    1. I'd also be interested. I recently had a conversation with an Episcopal priest that did this on a state college campus. Interesting response that made me question my doubts. Trouble is "Lent Madness" is probably not the correct forum, too distracting from the up coming brackets!

  7. So which saint is patron of car repairs? send that and (maybe) one gratis mug to the Car Talk guys and maybe you'll get there.

  8. The Atlantic Monthly posed St. Jack of Dakar as the patron of car repairers. I had an EXCELLENT mechanic in Schaumburg, IL (Tacc's Automotive--a little plug there) who was RC & had a huge St. Francis poster up. It helped he was Italian & his name was Frank but I also would recommend St. Christopher.

  9. Forget NPR and 60 minutes...Call Jon Stewart and the Daily least people would be watching!

    1. Jay,
      Read the posts concerning NPR: "National Public Radio", listeners not watchers!
      On the other hand, it might attract more than those who do both!
      But again off-track! Important brackets coming up - spread the word!:-)