Killer (B) Limericks

March 22, 2012
Tim Schenck

From the "be careful what you ask for" department, the Supreme Executive Committee sent out a call for Brigid/Bonhoeffer limericks. This difficult choice has people in a poetic mood. Below are a few items that have come our way. Here at Lent Madness we're always trying to make people famous (even if we don't have your last name).

From Sister Mary Winifred (an outspoken Brigid proponent):

In her mind, a great lake of ale,
A resource never to fail,
A drink for the Three
With some left for thee,
A wondrous, heavenly grail.

From Edna:

Undercroft  York Minster
an encounter with Brigid
Blessing through all time

From Joe Stroud

The SEC asked for a limerick.
I thought, "To write one would be quick."
"Cheap grace," "Lake of beer?"
'Tis too tough, I fear,
Too bad we can't vote a split tick(et).

This actual limerick(!) came with a disclaimer: "OK, it's ALMOST a limerick; and, it's the best I could do in a hurry!" and a word of encouragement: "But, seriously, thanks, SEC, for a wonderfully educational AND fun Lenten discipline."

From Elizabeth Davidson:

St. Brigid was a fine Irish lass,
Who hosted the needy with class.
While Bonhoeffer was brave
all the way to the grave,
this sweet maiden should still kick his ass.

From Mary J:

I dreamed of a great lake of ale
It may have been India Pale.
May a beverage no fitter
Than these waters of bitter
Slake the thirst of the Saints who prevail!

From the Rev. Lou Florio, Pastor of Messiah Lutheran in Mechanicsville, VA:

There once a bracket with Bs
- A Brigid and Bonhoeffer tease.
Both seemed real great
for Elate 8.
But voting for just one? Oh, please!

From Peggy Varien and Bronwyn Skov:

Ode to St. Brigid

The Bride of Kildare became Abbess,
Providing beer during Lent for the masses;
Also known as a scholar
Ever faithful to the Psalter,
She also gave voices to dumb lasses.

Dietrich was faithful to Jesus,
And found Adolph Hitler most grievous;
A fan of the bull fight
He plotted to incite
A movement of resistance most specious.

In the madness of Lent we must choose.
Will Brigid or Bonhoeffer lose?
The contest is fair.
You should vote for Kildare!
Of this we strongly approve.

Thank you to all of our contributors! Fans of Lent Madness are an aboundingly creative lot.


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7 comments on “Killer (B) Limericks”

  1. Since Brigid was of (County) Kildare, and not (County) Limerick, perhaps a new poetic form should be named for her!

  2. This is my first year for Lent Madness & I must say I have enjoyed it tremendously so far, not only for the game itself but the comments. However the limericks are outstanding & provided me with much amusement. Thanks to all!
    Go Bonhoeffer!

  3. Now Dietrich was a trusty German
    Who stood up strong to Nazi vermin
    Casting his praise
    In the depth of Christs' ways
    'Til Hilter numbered his God sent days.

    He deserves one too, even if he isn't Irish.

  4. Check it out, I'm famous! Thank you, Lent Madness, for providing me not only with saints to vote for but also with excuses to write limericks. Rev. Florio, I particularly like yours!

    Elizabeth D.

  5. Thanks for all those who rose to the challenge of limericks. Definitely LOL moments. Lent Madness keeps reaching new heights. I knew it would be a worthwhile Lenten discipline.

  6. Well, mine have never been clever or funny, but I'll keep writing them anyway because I enjoy it so.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer (2)

    His homeland with enemies was rife
    Shared his people's trials and strife
    In last words to a friend
    Said, “This is the end -
    For me the beginning of life.”

    Brigid of Kildare

    Brigid healed lepers, the mute, blind and lame
    Her love for the poor earned her long-lasting fame
    Wise, compassionate abbess
    Claimed the place of the goddess
    Claimed for God the sacred, eternal flame

    (My Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1) was in the comments on his first entry into Lent Madness. Perhaps I'll get another chance to write a sequel for Brigid?)

  7. There once lived an abbess named Brigid
    Who lived in Eire's climes sometimes frigid.
    Coaxing cows' mik to butter,
    Causing mute girls to utter,
    She, a column of Eire, strong and rigid.

    With St. Patrick she shared but one heart.
    Ah! Such friends that they were, though apart.
    Through them both God did do
    Many miracles too.
    Brigid: kindness, compassion her art.