Monday Madness -- Worldwide Media Frenzy

March 12, 2012
Scott Gunn

This week Tim and Scott review the worldwide media frenzy surrounding Lent Madness and they preview the first battles of the Round of the Saintly 16. To deal with LMW, you are urged to drink coffee from a Lent Madness mug or to read the Calendar of Saints: Lent Madness 2012 Edition on your Kindle or Nook. Oh, and there's a cameo appearance this week.

Enjoy more videos on the Lent Madness video channel.


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16 comments on “Monday Madness -- Worldwide Media Frenzy”

  1. A Lent Madness XBox game? I could get behind that! Oh, and I sure hope Philander doesn't win. Otherwise Lent Madness 2013 will have to be restricted only to those saintly people who also founded schools with high internet engagement counts.

  2. I have a question regarding your Saintly book available for Kindle or Nook. We have Kobo. Is it available for me to download on my Kobo?

  3. Tim,
    Check your settings, Scott has apparently cast you in a blue/grey color scheme biasing your comments. Surely you are healthier then Tim makes you look.
    On another note, I prefer Tsar, it gives the title a more eastern Mongolian history. Also, I'm looking forward to the JoA/MM bracket. I'll have to set aside some time to read the comments on that one! Recommend you upgrade your servers for the influx.
    Where's my tattoo?

  4. Hey, guys - there are already copycats of Lent Madness springing up! has just announced "Sandwich Madness" and the Washington Post has "Beer Madness," but we faithful ones will always remember that Lent Madness was here first.
    (Now, if Coffee Bean Madness comes along I could be tasting for that from my Lent Madness mug while reading your blog before voting.... but still - Lent Madness first and foremost!)

  5. Like Ed, I waiting for the unveiling of the 2012 Lent Madness tattoo. Now I going to contemplate the Saintly Sixteen match ups which have been determined so far.

  6. I tried for the updated bracket and got a whole bunch of stuff on the NCAA bracket--How come?

  7. For those of us whose mode of mindful simplicity takes the form of making do with the perfectly functional technology we already own, is there a way to download the "Calendar of Saints: Lent Madness 2012 Edition", or worse yet, obtain it on some form of paper?

    I write this from my beloved Mac laptop, which I inherited from my Microsoft employee husband, owner of a smart phone, Kindle, and three laptops because my 11-year-0ld, she of the iPad, iPod and Netbook, did not want it.

    Spending way too much time staring into my computer screen these days because I am addicted to Lent Madness!

  8. Hey, Tim Schenck,
    This comes from within From within the Diocese of Virginia:
    Ya'll need a bit if history education! Virginia and thus West, by God, Virginia are NOT named after the Virgin Mary. They are named after the Virgin Queen, good Queen Bess, Elizabeth I. Ya'll are crazy and that is good! But you should try to get at least some of your facts straight!