The People Speak. On Camera.

March 25, 2012
Scott Gunn

Tim and Scott step out of the limelight to let the people share their love of Lent Madness. Watch this five-minute video for all that and more. People also say who they're rooting for. These are not ordinary people, by the way. They are Episcopal Communicators speaking at Kanuga and from an undisclosed location which looks much like the Asheville Regional Airport.

Watch as the newly named Lent Madness Poet Laureate makes her video debut. Did we mention outtakes? What more could you want?

If you love this one -- and we know you will -- then make sure you visit the Lent Madness video channel for more.


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4 comments on “The People Speak. On Camera.”

  1. Here is my reply...I have not the faintest idea about logging in to VIMEO or whatever it is because I am a computer dimwit of sorts...BUT...I am from Nashville TN and have not recognized one familiar name from our fair city, therefore, y'all should beam yourselves here so I can tell you and the cast of thousands what I love about LENT MADNESS and I have a lot to say just as I usually have a lot to write in the COMMENTS. People in my church, Christ Church Cathedral have not the faintest idea what I'm talking about...uh..oh..about what I'm talking when I tell them all the fun I'm having voting, let alone what I'm learning...when I can remember all of it due to a few light strokes..but you don't need to bother about that. Come to Nashville pronto and see me...I'm the Cathedral Deacon...Aleathia for e-mail...first name that nobody uses...Dolores Nicholson that everyone recognizes. OK...Looking to see you or hear you or howsomever you finagle things to do all this. Bye now.