Pre-Game Show

January 17, 2013
Scott Gunn

In an attempt to compete with the excellent Lent Madness videos coming from Maple Anglican, the Supreme Executive Committee has released a Pre-Game video to highlight tomorrow's contest between Samuel Seabury and George Berkeley (make sure you pronounce his name correctly). This is the third play-in match, to determine whether Seabury or Berkeley will earn a spot in the first round of Lent Madness.

[vimeo 57572532 w=500 h=281]

For the record, the Supreme Executive Committee have passed a unanimous resolution condemning Maple Anglican for, on the one hand, mispronouncing Tim's name and, on the other hand, making Scott's photo too small. Aside from those huge problems, we commend Maple's introduction to Lent Madness.

Tune in tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time to cast your vote for Berkeley or Seabury.


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22 comments on “Pre-Game Show”

  1. I will assume that this FM item is NOT the Lent Madness guide for Lenten adult programming: "Good Lord Deliver Us: 40 Days of Lent "

  2. Gosh! How many different ways could there be of pronouncing Tim? Also, poor Maple Anglican who still can't let go of the pineapple thing.

  3. OK, with the exception of those glaring mistakes, I found the video to be entertaining and educational, especially for the newcomers. But please, Maple Anglican, let go of the pineapple thing! *Shakes head in disbelief*

  4. Dearest Scott,
    Thank you for giving us loyal fanatics, um, fans a heads up about Seabury vs. Berkeley. I do however suggest that you do not "get your knickers in a twist" over minor perceived slights presented in Maple Anglican's video. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!

  5. Have I been kicked out of the system? 3rd round? I didn't even know anything had even started? What's going on with your subscriber list? Now I'm behind and out of the loop!!!!!

  6. Grammar, grammar, grammar! Supreme Executive Committee HAS. I know there are two members, thus making a group, but it is just one group - therefore HAS and not have. Oh my!

    1. The Supreme Executive Committee reserve the right to use British English, as a nod to our Anglican (or some people would claim, pretentious) heritage. The Committee have also used American usage on occasion.

      1. Then of course you cannot complain that Tim's name was mangled, as British English also pronounces "schedule" as "shedule".
        Just sayin'.

  7. OK guys,
    I was on your mailing list, but this time I had to have my wife forward it to me. Please put me back on.

  8. nook or kindle? what about those of us who still go with 20 or 2K or whatever bookes clad in black and red? I feel left out.

  9. I don't know if you've "improved" the website or videos, but last year I had no problem viewing and this year, you guys are talking REALLY slowly, with lots of pauses. Maybe my kids are just eating up all the bandwidth in the house.

    1. No. It's music I've borrowed from a CD. Don't tell anyone. However, we are getting custom theme music. Perhaps it will be ready to hear and to announce next week. How great is that?!

      1. I, too, am finding the Supreme Executive Committee afflicted by online demons, as in a regrettable case of the 6-minute stutters, this pre-season. I doubt it's on our end, because we just cast out our old carrier and "consecrated," a new one providing us with quadruple the through-put, last week. Please do look into the situation on your end.

  10. Didn't I see the clairvoyatron on an episode of Dr Who? I seem to remember K-9 barking at it. I remember very little from my Christian philosophy class of yore, but I do recall our prof insisted it was BARCLAY (pronounced). xx

  11. Scott is quite right is using the plural for a collective in Baltimore are hoping for a win on Sunday. Arsenal are also hoping for a win.