Monday Madness -- February 25, 2013

February 26, 2013
Scott Gunn

In this week's episode of Monday Madness, Tim and Scott reveal the truth about the Pope's retirement. They also cover the action-packed world of Lent Madness as we are at the halfway point in the first round.

Visit the Lent Madness channel for more episodes. Don't forget to watch this week's video from Maple Anglican featuring color commentary from beyond the grave. There's also some fine work from The Seminarians.

Here is a sneak preview of a key moment in this week's Monday Madness.

Video Frame

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10 comments on “Monday Madness -- February 25, 2013”

  1. As I was a Lutheran for 50 years and then became an Episcopalian, I will vote for a Baptist. MLK Jr.

    The SEC is welcome to stay and dine at my home in SOCAL this week. Just give me a call. (Notice how I left my phone no. for you to divine just as you left the location of your event in San Diego).

    1. I have to smile at your comment. I am married to a Baptist who went to church so often as a child he says he has a lifetime pass. We discuss Lent and he just doesn't get it! Dr King is a great choice. MammaK1947

  2. What is it about this esoteric diction you Episcopalians are always using?
    Did Tim say he was "angling" Scott for a promo on the mug?
    Or was that "anglicaning"?

  3. We see Scott broadcasting Monday Madness from the occasional remote location (aka hotel room), but Tim is always in the rectory. Will Tim ever be seen in a remote Hingham location? The Hingham Bathing Beach (in memory of Goose Gate), Redeye Roasters or perhaps the Hobo Shack??? Is there internet access at the Hobo Shack? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. BTW, my sermon on the 24th prominently featured Lent Madness - and I believe I gained a few converts.