Mug Controversy Resolved!

February 19, 2013
Tim Schenck

mug and jesusYou'll be relieved to know that Tim  has finally received his 2013 Lent Madness mug from the world-renowned Forward Movement Mug & Tchotchke Warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sure, it was a full five days after his own curate received hers but the tenuous Lenten Détente between the two members of the Supreme Executive Committee has been solidified. For now.

Many of the Lent Madness faithful have expressed their deep concern about this situation and it has, frankly, disrupted their enjoyment of the first week of match-ups. Please know that Tim deeply appreciates the various protest songs that have been written to help rectify this injustice. Of particular note was Bob Dylan's recording of "Like a Rolling Mug." But Arlo Guthrie's line "Tim can't get the mug he wants at Scott's Restuarant" was also appreciated.

Tim reports that he has christened the new mug with some Sacred Grounds coffee from his favorite shopmug in Hingham, Redeye Roasters. Black, of course.

We're glad to have this nagging mug controversy behind us so we can focus our attention where it belongs: on complaints about how Lent Madness is too frivolous for such a penitential season.

If you're interested in purchasing your own mug, click here. Everyone (including Tim and the Presiding Bishop) have one. They may be on back order but Scott insists they'll be in soon and that you'll likely have it in your hot little hand before the arrival of Tim's next batch of Forward Day by Day.


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11 comments on “Mug Controversy Resolved!”

  1. Oh dear you are making me lust for a Lent Madness mug and as a way of repenting for the lust buying some Bishop's blend coffee to drink in it and thus supporting ERD and fair trade coffee.

  2. Detente is restored even after Scott Gunn sends the provocative message (and I quote from scanned document above) "ATTN: FR. TIM SCHENCK MUST GO!!!"....?

  3. Hurrah for Tim! I completely get his frustration. Ordered bracket poster January 25 along
    With FMLenten packet. The packet arrived...the bracket was back ordered. Called and was told
    It had shipped that day. No bracket for Fist Sunday in Lent. Sooo disappointed.No word on
    Location of bracket. But charged me for it. Wow. All that and Johnny Baptizer losing in the first
    Round. Lent Madness indeed!

  4. Would LOVE to get a mug, but have sworn off credit cards for Lent. I pray one will still be available in a few weeks.

  5. Does the loser get something? I mean really...I'm voting with my head not my heart. Head 0 and Heart 5. Reason for the madness, AKA craziness, insanity... 🙂

  6. I ordered a mug and a large bracket. I got an email saying the bracket is in the mail, but no mention of the mug?