Monday Madness -- Elate Eight Edition

It's time for the round everyone* has been looking forward to: the Elate Eight aka The Round of Saintly Kitsch. Tim and Scott are back to preview the coming contests, as the field narrows and the stakes get higher.

*Not everyone loves this round. As we move from basic biographical sketches in the Round of 32 and then the Quirks & Quotes of the Saintly Sixteen, we come to the always-remarkable displays of saintly kitsch in the Elate Eight. Some people, whom we have dubbed Kitsch Kranks, find this to be unhelpful or even irreverent. The Supreme Executive Committee reminds everyone of the Lent Madness Great Commandments, which might help you weather the next round.

While they didn't mention it in the video, the powers-that-be of Lent Madness would also like to remind you to go to church in Holy Week. A lot! All joking aside, the Holy Week liturgies take us to the very center of our faith. Hope to see you in church. Over and over and over again.


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17 comments on “Monday Madness -- Elate Eight Edition”

  1. Yet another great go-round of Lent Madness! Thanks, Scott and Tim, for such an interesting, informative, and occasionally humorous contest.

    Happy Lent to you and your families (including dogs and whatever living creatures live with or near you.)

  2. Re: voting problems. When I'm home, I've had no problems either voting or commenting. Last week, I was out of state; I could read the comments and see the votes, but when I tried to vote, I got the "spinning circles of doom" (couldn't vote), nor could I comment. Maybe it's your firewall that is the issue? Anyway, glad to be able to vote/comment in this all-important week!

  3. Tim and Scott
    Thank you for adding a little brevity to my Lent with this Saintly competition. I have learned about people I didn't even know existed. The readings have given me a glimpse into a form of Christian Life that I may never see. I will avoid wearing a flowery hat on Easter as I don't want a bird landing on me.

    Have a blessed Holy Week and Joyous EAster.

  4. Tim and Scott have expressed the true joy of the season. As a recent convert to the underestimated sensibility of the many forms of kitsch,I understand the woeful cost of its neglect.

  5. I gave up Lent Madness for Lent this year. I was tired of my bracket going bust after the second round.

  6. Happy Lent from the Canadian prairies! Thank you for making my day. I am looking forward to the next round!!

  7. I checked several times during the day but nothing showed on play the Elate Eight bracket. I tried two computers and a smart phone. Wish I could have played but so happy you do this.