Monday Madness Bonus Edition -- March 1, 2013

From sunny San Diego, CA, Tim and Scott bring you a special bonus edition (at no extra charge) of Monday Madness. Enjoy.

There are more videos on the Lent Madness channel. Go watch the entire oeuvre.


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9 comments on “Monday Madness Bonus Edition -- March 1, 2013”

  1. Puh-leeze do not mess with the bird of paradise flora! It would greatly upset any U-Tennessee alumni who bleed orange and would probably break out in terminal hives were you to color them purple. (the Bof P, that is) Y'all are always welcome to visit the Volunteer State of Tennessee as I mentioned all last year in the 2012 contest.

  2. I think Lent Madness is overtaking my life! My trust in the SEC was so great I was in bed
    semiconscious before I realized, Hey, March 1 is not a Monday! Gotta get a bit more perspective.
    But please don't paint the Bird of Paradise. They have some purple trees in CA you can use
    instead. What God has made orange let the SEC not de-orange.

  3. Aaaargh! A free Saturday morning, and time to watch the last 3 weeks of videos, but none will play! Is there a problem on the Lent Madness/Vimeo end?

  4. Amen to Ms. Aleathia"s comments! Although born and raised in Ohio and an alumnus of the University of Louisville I have retired to the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee where I proclaim my allegiance to my beloved Tennessee Vols. Leave the flora alone and devote your time to bringing down righteous Lent Madness wrath on those who engage in skullduggery, flimflammery and all other forms of mischief in an attempt to rig the outcomes of these contests. However if the folks in Arizona had succeeded my guy might have won. Too bad, maybe my luck will improve next week.

    Go Big Orange and I am not talking about that school up North.

    1. Well Jim...I don't even know why I defended UT as I didn't even go there and purple is my favorite color. My only KY connection is having graduated from ETSKY in Lexington and I know that sets your teeth on edge what with Patino's defection and all, but we try to be good Christians,right.....????? I'm in Nashville and I don't bleed black and gold either!

  5. (This may not be the right place, but what the hey.)
    I just watched the vimeo clip of the theme music for Monday Madness--plus the interview with the arranger/organist.
    In watching the Monday Madness clips, I recognized "When the Saints Go Marching In" (excellent arrangement!) , but "Forty Days and Forty Nights" had me stumped for a few moments; I was trying to figure out what ragtime tune it might have been. But then the familiar cadence--"tempted and yet undefiled"--showed up and I knew.
    Delightful! (How about "The Glory of These Forty Days"?)