Monday Madness -- March 10, 2013

March 11, 2013
Scott Gunn

This week, Tim and Scott bring you the latest in the swirling controversy of Lent Madness. Is this, in fact, an effort to torpedo the Obama administration? Or is it a liberal conspiracy? And what is the connection, if any, to the dangerous lives of Celebrity Bloggers? Finally, will the Supreme Executive Committee be at the papal conclave to choose the next Supreme Pontiff? All this, and more!

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Monday Madness


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23 comments on “Monday Madness -- March 10, 2013”

  1. Thank you for maintaining the separation of church and state even when political right wingers struggle with it. Ditto for senses of humor. Sheesh. Don't they ever get a joke?
    Get well soon, Laurie. Giving up stuff for Lent should not involve any part of your pulmonary function. That's above and beyond the call of duty.

    1. Separation of Church and State, maybe. But I'm beginning to wonder whether there might be something to the gaming allegation after all. Are we really sure the SEC isn't free of doing some booking on this bracket? I googled SEC and while I didn't see pictures of these guys, there WAS a lot of big money talk!

  2. You guys crack me up! And you always put a smile on my face and for that I thank you.

  3. Outragious! The Washington establisment needs to perhaps realize that there is a lot more going on outside the beltway than they can fathom (I am a marine biologist, sorry but the jargon on the sea is there). It was Kool that someone caught on that we had a true hero-saint that was in Government. Amazing Grace or even better. Hope they can go deep and find solance.

  4. It was nice of the Daily Caller to give the link to Lenten Madness so people could learn more about sainthood.

  5. As you two continue to skate close to the edge, I hope (just don't think I should pray) you don't break through and sink beneath the freezing ice! You two are truly the bees' knees and your fertile brains just keep coming up with more outrageous stuff! However, the really gullible will believe you are in Rome with stuff to make purple smoke and that you planted that article about voting for Frances Perkins. Maybe I'd better pray for y'all and also , I do wonder.......what's in your 2012 GOLDEN HALO/Mary Mags cups 'cause it ain't no coffee I ever heard of or had to drink! As Russell Baker's mama said: "Be sweet!"

  6. I love you guys, and I really enjoy the classy cutting edge way you keep us on our toes during the Lenten season. Keep up the "good works"... and I vote for the purple smoke!!

  7. Sheesh, get a life Daily Caller! Any excuse to rail against anything perceived as 'progressive', especially something like the Episcopal Church, OMG! More power to Frances Perkins (The Big Lobster already got my vote) and the DOL staffer for showing he is a real person with interests outside of work and actually understanding the history of the organization.

  8. Thanks so much. Lent Madness is a wonderful form of Christian Ed. So very grateful for the work you put into this.

  9. Since government 'to a certain level are kept from Admin to Admin, I don't know why anyone would say this is specifically left wing or right wing. Let's be happy that, the shadow of shrinking church attendance, someone is paying attention to something besides the fear mongering of the media. Peace to all.

  10. The comments section after the article is indeed not for the faint of heart, but (spoiler alert) I wasn't able to find even one that actually said anything about Lent Madness...or the article itself.

  11. Is there a particular saint we should petition for Laurie's speedy recovery? One that covers horses, sports, trauma, pulmonary problems, etc? Or do we need to seek out multiple saints to cover all bases?

    1. For those of us in dial-up land who cannot watch the videos, please let us know what happened to Laurie . . . the Church shuts us out at her own peril -- hope Lent Madness and the SEC won't be doing the same!

  12. I received my Lent Madness mug today and thank the Supreme Executive Committee for such a fun addition to my coffee mug shelf!

  13. well...looks like some "Washington Watchers" need to lighten up...maybe they need a least it was free advertising for what is a most fun and amazing annual Lenten ritual. I've got your back! My congregation is beginning to laugh at my weekly updates on the contest. Can't wait until it gets press at the White House! Hang in there....the Spirit sometimes moves in very strange ways!

  14. I was hoping for pink smoke (indicating a female pope), but that might be misinterpreted as a pinko Marxist conspiracy.... On a serious note, I find it hardest to love people who limit God's love to those who agree with them politically (which maybe makes me one of those people). Because I believe in the dignity and rights of every human being,

  15. (Oops hit publish too soon), I get judged as a radical. Any advice about how to respond in love to those folks?

  16. I just love that we're having fun here ... go Lent Madness. And as a former reporter, may I suggest to Scott and Tim that you just take care and duck every now and then. Folks truly make sport of shooting the messenger! And don't our saints know it?!!!

  17. I love how your glasses tilt in opposite directions, Scott's are higher on his left eye and Tim's are higher on his right eye. It's like you called each other before you webcammed to make sure you had coordinating wonky eyeglasses.

  18. Very impressed with Laurie's dedication to the cause. Wild horses couldn't drag her away...from Lent Madness.