Monday Madness -- March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013
Scott Gunn

Tim and Scott are back for another action-packed episode of Monday Madness. Tune in to hear them discuss the Faithful Four and life after Lent Madness. Also, they settle the question of whether or not the SEC knows the outcomes ahead of time.

Don't forget to watch every episode of Monday Madness, both series one and series two. And while you're glued to your computer screen, watch today's video from Maple Anglican.

This is here for sharing on Facebook and the like. Or maybe it's a free gift from the SEC for those of you who can't wait to watch the whole episode. Whatever.

Monday Madness


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13 comments on “Monday Madness -- March 25, 2013”

  1. I got to a 50days site, but it was not what I was looking for. I Googled 2x to see if I put the wrong address in. Mary W. what did you see at the website?

  2. Unfortunately, everyone already knows the outcome for this year's Golden Halo. Heretofore Lent Madness has been fun and instructional; alas, this year's lesson includes the fact that there are bullies in every school yard.

    1. Sister Mary Winifred, I confess I'm baffled by this comment. It seems a good bet, from the comments and the voting patterns throughout, that Luke will "win" it all. I do think the SEC might think about not including the really big saints, like the four evangelists, as they will win every time (see the often-cited phrase in the comment section that "we wouldn't have such-and-such wonderful saint if not for Blessed Luke [or fill in the name of any other evangelist or early apostle]. That's like sending the SF Giants to play in the Little League finals! .... But I digress .... This love for Luke seems very genuine. I don't get it about the bullying. Who's bullying? There have been a few mean comments directed at Frances (sadly); nothing about Luke though.

    2. Part of the madness of Lent Madness is that you never know who is going to win. Who thought Emma would make it all the way to the championship last year? Who thought Frances Perkins would sail past a saint who has his own US government holiday? I for one am not betting on who will win today, let alone tomorrow.

      As for bullies, I don't think we've seen anything of the kind. Within the comments section, people have been (almost entirely) gracious with one another. Sure, there have been differences, but compared with just about every other site on the Internet, this is a space of open conversation. Sure, Frances has had proponents, but that's no different from any other saint. People try to rally their base.

      Sorry you haven't found the last few days fun and instructional. Hopefully next year will be great for you.

      Remember, Lent Madness is about fun. We should never take this too seriously, since we're giving a ridiculous award to amazing witnesses of God's love in the world, people who already where the crown of glory in God's presence for all eternity. Who knows if there is laughter in the next life, but if there is, I'm betting Lent Madness provides some amusement to the saints in light. At least I hope so!

      1. Thanks, Scott. Really good points. A little slow today; I take it the bully comment was directed at cinderella Frances and her supporters (sigh), not #1 seed Luke? I was all caught up in watching the seemingly undefeatable Duke, I mean, Luke, today. I mean, Saint Luke has a pretty wide base of support. As he should. Which is kind of my point about not letting these evangelists into the running in the first place. Don't they already have stained glass windows in like 80% of Episcopal churches? But anyway, your last paragraph bears repeating a few times--for all of us. I hope they are laughing and shaking their heads. And I hope you're right about not counting anyone out yet -- Oscar Romero, presente!

        1. If you look at previous years' brackets, you'll see that plenty of big name saints have been taken out by lesser known folks. It really is madness. Lucy beat John the Baptist this year in round one. Thomas lost to Enmegahbowh last year, again in the first round. In fact, Biblical saints have lost to modern or medieval saints most of the time. Madness.

          Our aim is to educate and inspire drawing on the whole realm of Christian saints. Look for more madness next year.