Monday Madness People's Edition -- March 4, 2013

While Scott and Tim consider the constant limelight of Lent Madness to be part of their servant ministry, they also believe that the spotlight should turn elsewhere now and then. Specifically, this week's Monday Madness continues a now-annual tradition, in which the people share the good news of Lent Madness. Look for friendly faces from California to Virginia, from Chicagoland to Cincinnati.

Don't worry, Tim and Scott will resume their costly sacrifice of receiving constant public adulation for next week's episode of Monday Madness. In the meantime, you can tune in to review past episodes on the Lent Madness channel.

This frame from the video is here for social media sharing. Think of it as a bonus, a trailer, a highlight, or a part of the director's cut.

Melanie Mullen on video

Featured on this video: Jamie Coats, Anne B. Jolly, Gary Goldacker, Emily Mellott, Nicole Seiferth, Chris Rankin-Williams, Melanie Mullen, Norris Battin, and Audrey O'Brien. Not featured in this video: The Supreme Executive Committee.


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7 comments on “Monday Madness People's Edition -- March 4, 2013”

  1. I think I saw my rector in the background of one of these shots...

  2. I really don't have anthing of real consequence about which to write (Ha! Let's see the grammarians attack that!).....It's just become a habit to write a daily comment. As I mentioned yesterday, you did meet our Cathedral Curate, Rev. Joshua Caler, so that's my nearest claim to it were...was...will be...caffeine deficiency! Loved the "pipple" you inteviewed..too much Inspector Cloiseau, I suspect.

  3. Uh! Oh!.....missing the "y" in anything. That's the Curate from Christ Church Cathedral in Nashville TN where you're welcome to visit.

  4. Wahoo - we got to see Father Goldacker being interviewed on the Monday video! We also love that it is supposed to snow here tonight so we won't have school and can go sledding! Who says Lent isn't any fun? Not us!!!!!

  5. Shout out for Melanie Mullen, recently attached to St. Paul's in Richmond, Virginia. But it is not true that all of Virginia is low church, nor ignorant of the saints. A good friend and parishioner at Trinity, Charlottesville, has already been suggesting a saint for next year's Lent Madness, one Katherine Drexel, of whom I had not known anything.....

  6. All I can say after viewing this beautifully made video is: Where is my coffee cup? I'm waiting with bated breath!!