The new bracket is here! The new bracket is here!

Lent Madness 2014 bracketAs predicted in yesterday's Oscar worthy video by Scott, Tim, and a host of surprise guests, the Lent Madness 2014 bracket has arrived. This is the moment you've been waiting for since Spy Wednesday.

Go ahead and print out your bracket. Start researching the saints who appear in there. Predict who will win. Set up a Lent Madness 2014 command bunker in your living room. Plan your entire Christian education program at church around these holy people. Yes, friends, the fun begins again on Ash Thursday 2014. That's March 6, 2014 to regular people.

While you wait, why not pass the time sipping your coffee from your very own Frances Perkins coffee mug?

The Supreme Executive Committee has released a statement for the world's media on this occasion: "You're welcome."


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32 comments on “The new bracket is here! The new bracket is here!”

  1. I might have agreed with Tom, almost, but I read the list in orderly fashion, down the left side, then down the right side, and the first thought that came to me was "the last shall be first." JCE all the way!

  2. Some tough match-ups! One Wesley brother against the other. My toughest choice will be F. D. Maurice against David of Wales.

  3. Watch our mini madness at our church camp in Western Michigan. Middle schoolers will be making the choices between Julian, Mary, Luke, Francis Assisi, Constance, Harriet Bedell, Jonathan Daniels, and Patrick.

  4. Much like our ACC powerhouses in March Madness (a secular season that usually overlaps with Lent Madness at some point but bears no resemblance AT ALL in that it is characterized by obsession, speculation, unadulterated biases and prejudices, and suspenseful competition that ends in either smug victory or heart-crushing defeat, NONE of which can be found in Lent Madness, least of all by Scott and Tim) I see that in Lent Madness, certain saints can appear in multiple years. Why does this happen, I wonder? If it is the Holy Spirit, I'll say nothing more about it. Perhaps the ferrets are annoyed that we've never gotten to see any Thomas Merton kitsch.

  5. Based on last years results, I see no reason to continue this travesty. I will not

  6. Christina the Astonishing....hmmmm...interesting, Tim and Scott. Looking forward to the theological/ecumenical/ecclesiastical trash talk next year.

  7. '@Charles: The SEC should post a banner "Warning! Winner is determined by popular vote and not by righteousness. Only voters may be rejected (for voter fraud) NO SAINTS will be harmed in the making of this game. Please vote with a light heart in the knowledge that all participants are enjoying the great feast and giving glory to God that people are finding inspiration in their stories."

  8. I know it is too early, but being the older brother and dedicated to clean living, I'd give it to John over Charles, best two out of three falls.

  9. We will have great fun debating how to pronounce Aelred's home village, Rievaulx! When I looked this up a few years ago I was told the locals say, "rye-VAL-is". Sounds like what the English would do. But Wikipedia says "REE-voh." We know how much that source can be trusted.

  10. According to the calendar, beginning March 27 there seem to be a pair of saints vs. another pair of saints, meaning we have to choose TWO people! Is this correct?
    Good golly, guys, it's hard enough choosing one out of two!

    1. Verdery - the 27th begins the Elate Eight Round. The 1st round winner of Basil v/s Christina is pitted against the 1st round winner of Antony v/s Mary.

  11. How can we possibly NOT go for Christina the Astonishing?! I'm certainly astonished!

  12. Am I the only person that, when first looking at the brackets, thought they saw "Alice Cooper"?

    If I am, too many of you have lead boring lives.

  13. FOUL!! Fr. John and Brother Chas. Wesley in the SAME BRACKET?

    Please reconsider
    Thank you

    Your Resident Radical "Breakaway" Anglican

    1. Assuming both would make it to a later round, one would have to prevail over the other to win the Golden Halo, anyway. Why not winnow out the weak one earlier, so the stronger brother has a better chance of winning the crown?

  14. Does the Department of Labor know about the Frances Perkins, G.H., mug? If not, why not?