One Day of #Lentitude

November 14, 2013
Scott Gunn

lentitudeIf you've spent any time on Facebook or Twitter this month, your feed is clogged with cat photos, political outrage, and one more thing that's equally insidious. #30daysofgratitude is all the rage. People say what they're grateful for. Ad nauseum.

The SEC is pro-Thanksgiving. That's why we're going to eat a big feast on Thanksgiving Day. More important, it's why we celebrate the Eucharist, with its Great Thanksgiving, every Sunday. But a whole month of unicorns and puppies is a bit much. So we've decided to offer a counterpoint. #Lentitude.

Today is One Day of #Lentitude. Here's our invitation. Go with Jesus into the wilderness. It's no party. It's full of things to make a person grumpy: weeds, sand, heat, scorpions, and a lack of espresso bars. Today only, we invite you -- all day long -- to share the things that make you grumpy or that annoy you. Give something up! Do Lent stuff today!

Here's a suggestion list. Naturally, it's a list of Ten Ways to Do #Lentitude.

10. Give something up for a day.
9. Say the Stations of the Cross at church or at your local coffee place.
8. "Reconcile" with someone by telling them the ways in which they annoy you.
7. Wear purple.
6. Wander in the wilderness for 40 minutes (hey, you only have one day).
5. Call your local radio station and ask them to play the Lent Madness Theme Song instead of the Christmas music they probably have on.
4. Eat twigs. With garlic.
3. Every time someone says, "How are you?" tell them about every problem you have, have ever had, or might ever have.
2. Email everyone in your address book your favorite Lent hymn texts. Send several in separate messages.
1. Post #Lentitude at least 40 times on your social media. That means 40 different ways in which you suffer. In so doing, all your friends will suffer too. #Lentitude is the gift that keeps on giving.

Enjoy #Lentitude! But not too much, because enjoyment is for Easter and sparkle ponies only.


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17 comments on “One Day of #Lentitude”

  1. Little did I know that when I wore purple to work today, I was doing Lentitude! (Although several people have mentioned Lent Madness when I walk by.)

  2. Here's my kvetch: in this world of too early--you're too late!!! I needed Lentitude when a guy in a Santa suit walked by me in a store on Veterans Day! Rrrrrrr! (And it wasn't even a good Santa suit!)

  3. And I think it's a little early for Lentitude..... although I can find 40 minutes to walk in the wilderness (aka park).

  4. Please keep us on this good path. You cannot know how much it helps no matter where we are. Thank you! Please tell Jay I know his sister who is also a talented artist!!!

  5. Lentitude! I like it! you may be getting a little pissy though; the world will never be what you want.
    It won't even be what I want, which is frankly, tragic. However. What about kamikaze Bluetooth
    Sound system attacks on Christmas Muzak , replacing it with old Bob Seger tunes. That will suck
    The hot air out of too early Christmas tunes. ( at least until someone finds the source, and some
    Body brands you a spoil sport. Was Jesus a spoil sport?) I digress . Keep thinking up cool things to do.

  6. Lentitude is an excellent idea! However: your post contains two things that are extremely annoying. First, the transmogrification of the singular - someone, a person, et al - into the plural - they, them. Keep it all singular, or all plural, e.g., people instead of person in the subject.
    Second is that blasted, meaningless, trendy #.

  7. Dear Supreme Committee--I do love the concept of Lentitude, but what about Adventitude? Yes, Advent also has a penitential quality about it, but different--and more corporate--than Lent. We are preparing for the "comings" of Christ--past, present and future--and that involves some soul searching and also a sense of humor and grace about ourselves and others. So, as you say, Carry On and Keep Lentitude!

  8. I'm ahead of the game for once. I've already done #8 to ticked off if it matters, and #7 as I always wear purple on Thursdays just because and #3 to anyone within earshot....why do they keep running away? I do love Lentitude because I suffered evening Lenten prayer services as a child kneeling on hard wooden floors in Miss Minnie's living room and getting pinched by my loving (?) mother if I thought about groaning in pain. Go SEC !!!!!