Celebrity Blogger Week: David Creech

February 24, 2014
Tim Schenck

We're glad David Creech took us up on our offer to serve as a Celebrity Blogger this year for two main reasons. First, he's a Lutheran and this proves that we're ecumenical. Second, when we inevitably hear someone yelling "Is there a doctor in the Lent Madness house?" we have David around to save the day.

Dr. David Creech

Dr. David Creech

David Creech is Assistant Professor of Religion at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. A student of early Christianities, David knows a lot about saints — they killed many of his research subjects. He is a product of an Evangelical seminary and a Catholic PhD program and now teaches at a Lutheran college and worships with Episcopalians. For those looking for the ecumenical voice (read: objective and unbiased/quite confused) in this year’s competition, he’s your man. Although he does dress in robes from time to time, David brings the unique perspective of a layperson. His book title is long and boring (The Use of Scripture in the Apocryphon of John: A Diachronic Analysis of the Variant Versions) but nearly sold out of its initial print run of 200 copies. You can follow David on Twitter@dyingsparrows and read his oftentimes provocative posts at his blog by the same name. When not teaching and writing, David enjoys the company of his wife, Jessica, and their three children, Ian, Ela, and Dylan.

How has Lent Madness transformed your life?
Firstly, only Jesus transforms me. Lent Madness, however, has been a wonderful place to make friends and laugh. I found a community full of curious and playful people. Each day I was exposed to new ideas and learned fun facts about lives of extraordinary (and sometimes quite ordinary!) people. I found myself reflecting on their lives throughout the day. The Lent Madness blog and the Twitter feed allowed for further conversation, sometimes serious, sometimes playful, always a treat. I also enjoy the daily opportunity to explore the lives of the saints and to reflect on my own commitments and values.

Obviously being a Celebrity Blogger is your greatest lifetime achievement. What perks have you enjoyed as a result of your unnamedstatus? 
The perks of being a Celebrity Blogger really pale in comparison to all the credibility, prestige, and money that come from being an assistant professor of religion at a small, regional liberal arts school in the frozen Midwest. That said, what is most thrilling about being a Celebrity Blogger is that I now receive occasional emails from the inimitable Scott A. Gunn and the always right Reverend Tim Schenck (see what I did there?). Sometimes they even reply to my tweets. Oh, and I think I am supposed to get some mythical mug.

What do you hope the Lent Madness public will learn from the lives of the saints?
So much! I’d have to say that at the top of my list is the fact that the lives of the saints are messy and our memories of them are not always as accurate as we would like. Sometimes the saints seem very mundane, other times exceptional (even too exceptional). Whatever the case, their lives and how we remember them encourage us to think about what it means to be the people of God.

Someday, when you become the answer on Jeopardy, what will the question be?
"Who is the first Celebrity Blogger to seamlessly blend academic rigor and sardonic wit in 400 word biographies of the saints thus effectively making said biographies must read think pieces."


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28 comments on “Celebrity Blogger Week: David Creech”

  1. I likey your Jeopardy question, too, David.

    Speaking of Davids. SEC, I just received a text that demands DEMANDS! that the priest in the auxiliary photo of my CB profile be identified (dude in yellow fins below me north of the dory). He is the Rev. David Collins, Director for Spiritual Care, Memorial Regional & Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospitals, Diocese of Southeast Florida, and my compadre since we were 18 year-old idiots. Comments have been closed so I have no recourse but to post the ID here. There.

  2. You've done it again. Must remember not to have a mouthful of cereal while reading the
    Lent madness blog. This time your definition of ecumenical caused the lol. Be warned: I'm
    Stealing it for my own use.

  3. Finally, a vote for The Walking Dead! Not that I've seen it (except for a few clips). But my older son is an avid fan.

  4. I like a saint that is into blowing sh*t up. Saints as anachists? Oh, yeah.
    My nephew is in to the theologies/ultra deep meanings of Walking Dead.
    I just thought it was my nephew. But, since he likes to blow things up in the kitchen, it's all good.
    Plan on a better than average lent, and have a Church Kalendar to count the colored days.

  5. You are not the average "Blogger in a box" LM expert and I do like that as reading this morning's contribution woke me up pronto. Your background and education are quite interesting as you're stirring many pots and mastering the mix
    in each. No, I won't list them to prove I read your accomplishments that make you a Three time Blogger par excellence. Welcome back!

  6. Thank you, David, for reminding me of the story of Joseph making the chair/throne for the Pharaoh too narrow. I can just imagine a very young Jesus--say four years old? (I don't remember the exact age)--saying, "Here, Dad, let me give you a hand."

  7. Anyone who plays Sorry with his/her kids is a good guy in my book! Brings back close to 40-year-old memories with my son, and over 65 years ago with my own parents. Recommend as a good "take-on" for Lent, esp. as a hands-on, electronics-off challenge.

  8. Hmmm.... I notice the bobblehead in the background. Makes me wonder wheter celebrity bloggers are picked more for their sports enthusiasm than actual writing. J/K I love David Creech! He clearly has a high snark level.

  9. I would suppose that the blog title "dying sparrows" refers to the image that not even a single sparrow falls without God knowing about it.

  10. I have always loved Moses the Black for his witness to Christian pacifism. Also, my brother and I were born on his feast day. Go Mo for the Halo!

  11. Do you mean "dressing in robes" as the president is said to do at night in the White House? Or do you mean liturgical robes? perhaps academic robes? Or is any mention of robes fake news?

  12. Just what does this mean, exactly?

    "When not teaching and writing, David enjoys owning his three kids Ian, Ela, and Dylan at Sorry."

    Ah! I just figured it out! Duh! I guess I haven't had enough caffeinated coffee yet, this morning...

  13. Only ONE out of four doctors recommending Lent Madness? That's not very impressive. You need to consult different doctors!

  14. I agree that some of the hymns we sing border on the inane, but there a few that glow for me.
    "Come, risen Lord and deign to be our guest" comes to mind. To cite a corny metaphor, let's not throw out the baby with the bath water.

    1. Jill, I'm with you on that, both the beautiful hymn and not throwing out...the good with the not-so-good.

  15. David, when you say that you and Origen would eat "brats", how are you pronouncing that word?

  16. Sometimes scripture passages do stick with me, but more often it is the hymns that play over and over. Given my elderly bladder, I am up frequently during the night, and often I rouse with "Ode to Joy." And I am struck by how much I now enjoy "Just as I Am" since I am an Episcopalian. I can sing and enjoy the words, whereas while I was a Baptist I dreaded the hymn that was used to beat us into coming forward. I am looking forward to this round of Lent Madness.

  17. A tip of the cap to a fellow Dodger fan. In particular, a fellow dodger fan living outside of Los Angeles / Socal. I hope to some day see Vin Scully canonized by the Roman Catholic church and be made a contestant in Lent Madness.

    1. I would definitely vote for Vinny to wear the Halo! Living on the Central Coast of CA is still out of the LA area.