Celebrity Blogger Week: Megan Castellan

February 22, 2014
Tim Schenck

The celebrity parade that is Celebrity Blogger Week continues with second-year participant Megan Castellan. Megan has the distinction of being the only CB to blog from different parts of the country in consecutive years. Last year she was serving in Arizona and this year she calls Kansas City, Missouri, home. This wouldn't be such a big deal except the Supreme Executive Committee was highly inconvenienced having to update Megan's bio. Not that it's all about us, of course.


The Rev. Megan Castellan

Megan Castellan is Assistant Rector, and Chaplain at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and Day School, Kansas City, Missouri. She is excited to be one of the few clergy to have a title (ARC) that is also a geometric figure, though why this fact has proved less amusing at parties, she can’t imagine.  Her ongoing adventures and strong opinions are chronicled in her blog Red Shoes, Funny Shirt  and on Twitter @revlucymeg. (She also writes on Mondays for the Episcopal Cafe, though the snark factor is significantly lower there.) In her spare time, she enjoys singing, cooking, being obsessive about television comedy, and marshaling the forces of the Ginger Rescue Squad, otherwise known as her rescue dog and rescue cat.

How has Lent Madness transformed your life?
For each saint I've had the pleasure of writing for, I developed an emotional attachment to that person. It's like we're friends, in a weird, beyond-the-grave, I-have-a-mug-with-your-face sort of way. The communion of saints is real to me in a different way now, and I frequently find myself thinking "What would Oscar Romero do? What would Catherine of Siena do? What would Harriet Tubman do?" And I do attribute the election of Pope Francis to a prayerful threat I made to Archbishop Romero to come see about his church already.

Obviously being a Celebrity Blogger is your greatest lifetime achievement. What perks have you enjoyed as a resultmegan hat of your status?
My hair is longer, my skin is brighter, my nails are stronger! I get free drinks in bars; children and pets trail after me in the streets! In more provable areas, discovering I was a Celebrity Blogger for Lent Madness caused great excitement when I was being interviewed for my current job, which helped enormously in my discernment process. I have met truly wonderful, funny people across the country, and even in Canada. I even get free mugs. This is the best job ever.

What do you hope the Lent Madness public will learn from the lives of the saints?
The saints are complex, unique characters; there's no one-size-fits-all form of sainthood, there's no one way to be holy or faithful. Some saints excelled at contemplation, and withdrawing from the world. Others were good at charging in, and changing the world from the middle of everything. Some saints had unshakeable faith in God; others were arguing with God every other minute. If you've thought it, struggled with it, or done it, chances are, a saint has, too.

Someday, when you become the answer on Jeopardy, what will the question be?
Answer: "Currently a school chaplain for children ranging in age from 2-14, the youngest ones cannot pronounce her last name, and call her "Chaplain Chocolate" or "Chaplain Quadriceps" instead."


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41 comments on “Celebrity Blogger Week: Megan Castellan”

  1. You qualify for sainthood because those children technically have access to you 24/7. There is really no more that needs to be said.

  2. Being canonically resident in WMo but now retired and living in OK, and a regular follower of Lent Madness - I am delighted to have Megan as a celibrity blogger. I haven't met Megan yet as I don't make it to many clergy gatherings there these days but am sure she has shaken up the old guard in KC.

  3. Welcome Megan, I loooove your blue hat w/the perky veil! On a totally unrelated subject....
    (FRED ROGERS-FRED-ROGERS-FRED ROGERS, ad infinitum.........................;)

  4. Regarding the Alleluias, all I can say is "Hear! Hear!" I fully understand that the people who spontaneously add "Alleluia, Alleluia" to the dismissal do it from a desire to give God praise as well as thanks. But there is a sound reason for reserving the dismissal Alleluias for Easter alone. These Alleluias
    set the Easter season apart from all other seasons. Easter has long been called "The Feast of Feasts". Why? Because we are an Easter People. Not a Christmas People or a Lent People or a Consecration of Samuel Seabury People, but an Easter People. Our faith is built on the Resurrection. And we celebrate the Resurrection in special ways, including Alleluias at the dismissal. So, say "Alleluia" all you want in your personal devotions (as I do myself) but keep the dismissal Alleluias for the Easter season, where they will be the most effective in expressing our joy in Our Lord's triumph over death. And our own resurrection in him.

    1. Is there any remedy for a deacon who always includes the Alleluias at dismissal unless someone steps on his foot?

  5. Hi ! I may well be your biggest fan. The commentary on Lydia was AMAZING ! I was so excited to learn about Purple dye. Unbelieveable !
    I attend a catholic church here in my local area. It is 140 mile round trip to attend an Episc. service (I really miss being part of a family ) Any hoo, I had half the church gathered around as I told them your story about Lydia. It was my 3 minutes of fame (and your's)( and Lydia's ) I was hoping it would encourage more interest in LM but 🙁 sadly no. I will never give up !
    That was amazing info ! and btw I voted for Lydia all the way. Happy Lent !

  6. I have 2 funny magnet sets ; " Dieting with Jesus" and "What would Jesus Wear" that I received as white elephant gifts. This stuff is great. I live in the " Bible Belt " and many around here forget that God has a sense of humor. I think that all who are associated with lent Madness are fabulous and I so look forward to all of the postings. I voted for Lydia all the way , too

  7. Oh, Megan, how proud I am of your new honor! Way to go! I know you worked hard to earn your new title!! And thanks for introducing me to Lent Madness - I enjoy the season so much more now!!! Miss you!

  8. I was nodding my head in agreement with you up to Nutella. Why anyone would want to pair two wonderful foods better left each to it's own devices and taste preferences is beyond comprehension. Other than that, "Welcome back!" I do admire your honesty about Lent getting you on the track about being intentional about one's relationship with God. Too many pseudo-saints exist in the Church as far as I'm concerned...they make us "triers" feel inadequate since we don't measure up...you're "real people" and inspire us to do better and be better. Thanks a bunch!

  9. Mother Megan Castellan is my Priest at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Kansas City, Missouri. Nothing more needs to be said.

  10. I was very happy to see St. Brigid take the Silver Halo and happily enjoy my occasional beer in my St. Brigid pint. On one occasion, I felt I had to apologize to her as I poured a hard cider instead of beer into my pint. I love her outlook on Lent and am looking forward to her contributions to Lent Madness this year.

  11. As a devout knitter have you thought about making Knitted Knockers? They are soft, knitted prostheses for women who vow had a mastectomy. Love learning the background of the celebrity bloggers.

  12. I'm all for the St. Brigid's cross tattoo, although I'm too much of a coward to get one myself. I was born on her saint's day (not revealing the year) so I'm a big fan too.

  13. I was going to welcome you back as an A-#1 celebrity blogger but I got sidetracked and mesmerized by Dorrie Johnson's challenge to you to consider making Knitted Knockers. There is no earthly way to top that challenge. I simply welcome you back and hope to see some Knitted Knockers before Lent Madness concludes the 2017 controlled madness.

    1. Knitted Knockers are given away to anyone requesting them. They get requests from all over the world.

  14. With the background to "nonnatus" (I had to tell my computer to 'learn the spelling'), my Lent 2016 education has already begun. Happily all my C-sectionned offspring survived being not born and have made it through to adulthood.

  15. Thank you. You opened a door for me I had left closed for too long. Looking forward to Lent with remewed eagerness!

  16. I always treasure your Lenten comments and your witty "Red Shoes...". (And still treasure memories of EFM classes together. ) emily

    1. I always treasure your Lenten comments and your witty "Red Shoes..." (And still treasure memories of EFM classes together.) Emily

  17. Megan,
    An early welcome to NYS. St. John 's in Ithaca is such a pretty church.
    Perhaps we'll meet at a diocesan event sometime in the future.
    I am fairly new to Lent Madness and look forward to your saintly
    Syracuse, NY

  18. There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy and They Cast Their Nets in Galilee are both two of my favorites also. They Cast Their Nets is so melancholy but important to remember. And, hey, I'm from KCMO originally!

  19. I love your suggestion about Sojourner Truth; her favorite quote of mine is “If women want rights more than they got, why don't they just take them, and not be talking about it.” “I'm not going to die, I'm going home like a shooting star.” I would suggest that Ruth Bader Ginsburg join you at that meal. The conversation between them would be glorious! That would be especially appropriate today when Ginsburg is being attacked by the KKK gang from the Republican Party, as a threat to our freedoms. Today we are the slaves on the Upper 10% Plantation called Maro Lago. (I made my St. Brigid's cross last Friday too.) The song that I'd like to hear then is "We Shall Overcome", a hymn for our time!

  20. All due respect to those celebrity bloggers you have this year, but how many black celebrity bloggers have you had in the history of Lent Madness?