Monday Madness -- February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014
Scott Gunn

This week, Scott and Tim welcome the first-ever featured guest to Monday Madness. The Rev. Nancy Frausto joins from Los Angeles, CA to talk about how one parish is using Lent Madness (Locura de Cuaresma) in her bilingual congregation of Trinity Melrose, Los Angeles. Tune in to see which saint this ECF Fellow plans to cheer for in the race to the Golden Halo.

To get the resources she has created, you can email Nancy Frausto directly at the email address shown in the video. She'll be glad to email you her Spanish/English materials. Meanwhile, here's a photo of happy folk studying their Lent Madness materials -- a well-prepared congregation!

Trinity Melrose

You can also visit the Lentorium to stock up on Saintly Scorecards or Lent Madness bracket posters. Don't worry if it says we're sold out of Saintly Scorecards. We've got more on the way, and you'll have yours in time for Lent.

While you're in the mood for Lent Madness television, don't forget to tune into LentMadnessTV on Youtube.

One more thing. Celebrity Blogger Week starts tomorrow! Are you ready to be dazzled by our stellar array of Celebrity Bloggers, video blogger, and Bracket Czar?


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One comment on “Monday Madness -- February 17, 2014”

  1. This was a really interesting way to drum up interest in LENT MADNESS and they all look so cheerful. I'm so tired of grumpy, grumbling folk who seemingly can't find anything to bring joy and happiness in their lives. Buenos Noches, y'all ...all y'all !!! Carry on, Sister Nancy!