Brackets to Go 2014

photo-6For the third year in a row, we are taking Lent Madness to the streets. These days, you simply can't expect everyone to come to Lent Madness, so it's important to bring Lent Madness to the people. Coming inside and asking for a bracket can be intimidating to many people, so we like to go to train stations and street corners with the Good News of Lent Madness.

Pictured at right (Lent Madness Press Bureau file photo) is a bracket distribution taking place at a train station on...wait for it...the purple line. Proving that Lent Madness is ecumenical, this grateful commuter is a Methodist. "It was @#$!@# cold outside waiting for the train, and then when I got my bracket, I was strangely warmed -- by my rage at being forced to choose between John Wesley or Charles Wesley in the first round."

Brackets to Go

Offering a bracket to a grateful passer-by

Another bracket recipient said, "As a cradle Episcopalian, I thought this whole Lent Madness thing was garbage until I noticed Julia Chester Emery on there. The founder of the UTO? Now I am a fan." The contest is not without controversy. A passer-by saw the bracket and exclaimed, "Haven't the people of Egypt been through enough? How dare you put Mary of Egypt against Antony of Egpyt!"

The experience was clearly powerful. "I didn't think the SEC really cared," said one man, "but then when I saw that Lent Madness was coming into the streets, I knew there was more to them than shallow personalities and grandiose egos. Perhaps not much more, but at least something."

NOTE: The SEC is having a bit of fun with the Ashes to Go media sensation. We’re not mocking it, but rather riding the coattails of this internet meme. One member of the SEC has gone on record in support of Ashes to Go. So there. Of course another is on record as being a bit skeptical. So there.


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9 comments on “Brackets to Go 2014”

    1. Unable to get a full page bracket, only can get it on a half page. Need a miniature pen.
      Is there a secret? Our church has also gotten just half pages.
      Thanks, and Peace, Mel

    2. ...And on a more practical note, under those ecclesiastical robes one can bundle up! I bet she did too.

  1. I think it's a wonderful idea. We Episcopalians are a bit shy about going out and spreading the good news. I think this is such an engaging way to get people involved in learning about people who "lived the mission" and made a difference.

  2. Jamie, I agree, Episcopalians are a bit shy about spreading the Good News. That is exactly why I think Ashes to Go is a great idea. I will get mine in church but you never know who you might touch by going out in the world.

  3. Ashes to go would probably be over the line for our parish and neighborhood. We do need ways to attract the folks from 1 to 40 and I am trying Lent Madness. I came across it. By chance (or divine intervention!).

  4. I was active in Lent Madness in 2012 and 2013. I received updates this past fall and winter. Now I have been dropped from the email list. What happened? Must a regular member re-register as a new member?