Monday Madness -- March 10, 2014

March 11, 2014
Scott Gunn

Yep, it's that time again. Tim and Scott hold forth on all things madnesstastic. Tune in for the latest news about Lent Madness Fever sweeping the nation and/or the House of Bishops. Watch LentMadnessTV every day. Or multiple times a day if you want a true wilderness experience.

Remember, you can be a Lent Madness evangelist. It's not too late to invite your friends, your church, and your nation to join the bestest Lenten discipline in the world.


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15 comments on “Monday Madness -- March 10, 2014”

  1. Tim, your analogy on the sower is interesting indeed! I am guessing that i am somewhat like the thorny ground as indicated by my continued insistence that fred rogers really needs to be on next year's lineup. Call me thorny, shoot call me anything at all but for cryin out loud just do it and I will knock it off!!! Honest! 🙂

  2. Hey, I've invited everyone except our Bishop! And I'm sure he already knows about it! I think, I think , I think!!

  3. SEC....thank you for addressing the issue of the " Grumpy Gerties" who surface each year to complain about unfair pairing as if that is the issue. I refrain from addressing the it as I'm not known for being all that tactful. I'm still trying to figure out what part of MADNESS don't they understand....and too, that it's also meant that we have FUN....apparently an unknown or little known behavior there. Lastly, You do understand that Madeleine is NEVER going to give up the fight to get Mr. Rogers in the game. Just so you know.

  4. LM evangelism has been at work this past week on the Education for Ministry mentor listserv. It began with one bold soul admitting that she did, indeed, participate in the Madness and then grew from commentary about it being "silly" to thoughtful and enriching. Mentors especially like the commentaries.

  5. I think those worrying about unfair match-ups should be directed to the "How Many Saints Can Dance on the Head of a Pin" tab where they can take on really meaningful issues. Or they can click on the link to the "Re-lent-orium," where they can step three paces back from the screen, take a deep cleansing breath, and try to figure out why this worries them so. You never know who's going to be a juggernaut (Emma of Hawaii) and who looks like a sure thing but will wind up stunned and clobbered (Martin Luther King, Jr.). In Heaven, nobody ever tells you to clean up your workspace and go home--you're already there.

  6. Little by little, one interested person at a time, the word is spreading. Someone from my church has relatives in Montreal--Maple Anglican, you've got some friends. The Education for Ministry class I attend is going to spend the last five (or so) minutes of each class talking about the match-ups--our mentor is an avid fan. Yes, sometimes the choice is really hard to make, but then I remember each one of the "contestants" has already "won" and I relax and enjoy. (And as soon as MrRogers becomes eligible, I'm voting for him. Wherever plane of existence I happen to occupy when it finally happens!)

  7. Loved the video yesterday and am looking forward to another exciting and interesting week!! U just spent the weekend at a Dream Team Retreat at Grace Episcopal Church, Bath, Maine. Still a bit weary and wired, but want to share my dream that evolved from it. I want to bring Lent Madness to our parish for 2015. I will need lots of help with this and will be watching and listening and reading everything I can during the 2014 Lent Madness season. I have the Definitive Guide to Lent Madness 2014 (Thanks to Heidi Shott) & will be reading it cover to cover, but I know there will be many more resources out there, so please keep me up to date. The Supreme Executive and Celebrity bloggers certainly will be where I will turn often.

  8. LOVE your Monday updates....even though its taken me until Tues to view it! Great analogy on the sower. It helps me understand why I can't get EVERYONE to enjoy this Lenten discipline as i do. But, hey, if my Bishop,Diane Bruce, is doing it and gets mentioned on the Monday update how cool is that!!