Monday Madness -- April 28, 2014

The last Monday Madness of 2014 is ready for your viewing pleasure. After this episode, the SEC switches to Monthly Madness until the next high season of Lent Madness. Anyway, in this episode, Scott and Tim talk about how Lent Madness has become not only the world's most popular and beloved online Lenten devotion, but the AWARD-WINNING Lenten devotion. They also preview Nomination Week for Lent Madness 2015, coming to a web browser near you very soon. And there's more. Much, much more.

You really should visit the Lentorium and spend some of your hard-earned cash on unbeatable Lent Madness merchandise. Consumer therapy is the perfect way to deal with long-term Lent Madness withdrawal. You can buy a Lent Madness playing cardsCharles Wesley Golden Halo 2014 Lent Madness mug or a perpetual purple Lent Madness mug. But that's not all.

Starting today, you can buy Lent Madness playing cards. Be the first on your block to get some, and then buy a set for all your friends. At just $21.50, these high-quality shiny cards are a bargain.

Forget the mall, forget the shopping channels on your television, forget the catalogs in your mailbox. The best place to spend your hard-earned cash is in the Lentorium. The best way to show you love Lent Madness the most is to have a pile of Lent Madness stuff.

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Monday Madness -- April 14, 2014

It's time for the last episode of Monday Madness for Lent Madness 2014. Gather the family, make some popcorn, and get ready for unparalleled video greatness.

In this week's episode, you'll see that Tim and Scott have given a shout out to 50 Days of Fabulous. They've also thanked the many people who make Lent Madness possible, especially our Celebrity Bloggers, Bracket Czar, Maple Anglican, and the staff of Forward Movement.

It's been great so far, and it's not over yet! Stay tuned for the heart-pounding thrills as Lent Madness 2014 comes to an action-packed conclusion. Keep voting until the Championship!

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Monday Madness -- April 7, 2014

After a one-week hiatus from the World's Most Beloved Priestly Duo Video Sensation, during which time the hashtag #WhereIsMondayMadness nearly swamped Twitter, Scott and Tim are back. This week's episode features a look at the first and second missionary journeys of Lent Madness 2014, a preview of the Elate Eight (or Saintly Kitsch) round, a roundup of media coverage, as well as the back story on why Queen Elizabeth wore purple to meet Pope Francis.

Don't forget to vote in today's close battle. Visit LentMadnessTV for more high-quality video from the Archbishops and from the SEC.

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Monday Madness -- March 24, 2014

The highlight of your week is already here. It's time for another action-packed episode of Monday Madness, brought to you by the Supreme Executive Committee. This week features conversation about the Round of the 32's epic conclusion with the Fratricide Finish between John Wesley and Charles Wesley. Tim and Scott also take some time to share some behind-the-scenes insights into the making of Monday Madness.

When you finish, make sure you watch the latest video from the Archbishops and more at LentMadnessTV.

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Monday Madness -- March 10, 2014

Yep, it's that time again. Tim and Scott hold forth on all things madnesstastic. Tune in for the latest news about Lent Madness Fever sweeping the nation and/or the House of Bishops. Watch LentMadnessTV every day. Or multiple times a day if you want a true wilderness experience.

Remember, you can be a Lent Madness evangelist. It's not too late to invite your friends, your church, and your nation to join the bestest Lenten discipline in the world.

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Monday Madness -- March 3, 2014

Monday MadnessWell, friends, it's almost here. Less than three days until Ash Thursday, the formal kickoff off Lent Madness 2014. This week, Tim and Scott talk about how you can get instant gratification by buying the Saintly Scorecard for your Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, or Apple iThing. (Visit the Lentorium for more indispensable items for your Lenten journey.) Scott and Tim also give you instructions on how to take Lent Madness to the streets with Brackets to Go. Last, but not least, they tell you the precise moment that this year's competition begins, including a sneak preview of an addition to this year's opening day ceremonies.

If you enjoyed this -- and who wouldn't -- you'll want to watch the Archbishops' latest update from Quinquagesima Sunday.

Make sure you encourage everyone you know to like Lent Madness on Facebook or follow Lent Madness on Twitter. Getting through Lent without that would be Lent without the Madness, like Ash Wednesday without ashes or Palm Sunday without palms. Inconceivable, yes? So evangelize for Lent Madness!

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Monday Madness -- February 24, 2014

Monday MadnessIn the latest action-packed episode of Monday Madness, Tim and Scott talk about everything from Celebrity Blogger "Week" to Presbyterians. Make sure you have a widget on your website, and you too could get a shoutout by the Supreme Executive Committee. When you finish watching this video, make sure you watch Maple Anglican's excellent Sexagesima video and then visit the Lentorium.

Last, but not least, there's only nine days left until Ash Thursday, so the clock is ticking on Lent Madness evangelism. This is the day to go door-to-door in your neighborhood to share the joy of the Saintly Smackdown.

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Monday Madness — February 4, 2014

Apparently some basketball teams run their own bracket. Thanks to Warren Buffet you can get one billion dollars for correctly completing that other bracket. It's madness! Because Lent Madness is better than basketball, the prize for flawlessly completing a Lent Madness bracket is also better. Watch this week's episode of Monday Madness (Tuesday Edition) to learn more.

Scott and Tim urge you to show how much you love Jesus by buying plenty of copies of the Saintly Scorecard and the giant bracket poster. You'll also want to follow Lent Madness on Twitter and Facebook.

Don't forget to head over to the Lentorium so you stock up on Lent gifts for all your friends and neighbors.


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Monday Madness -- January 20, 2014

The arrival of the pre-Lent high season brings back weekly episodes of Monday Madness, starting today! In this week's episode, Tim and Scott discuss how every lover of Lent Madness will be enjoying this "gesima" season, and not just on Sundays. Even more important, they highlight the newly published Saintly Scorecard: The Definitive Guide to Lent Madness 2014.

Saintly ScorecardYes, you know you want it: 96 pages of pure gold, including the official biographies of each of the 32 saints in this year's bracket. You can get biographies of your favorite Celebrity Bloggers, a handy glossary, and a brief history of Lent Madness. Each copy is hand signed* by the Supreme Executive Committee, and every single one features a full-color fold-out bracket, suitable for framing. Buy one for $3, ten or more for just $2 each, and if you go crazy with 25 or more copies, they're only a buck each. Just go buy it right now.

You can also get the Saintly Scorecard for your Kindle or Nook. Coming soon to an iGizmo near you.

Forget Downton Abbey, the best video entertainment is found on the Lent Madness channel on Vimeo.

* -- Some copies, or perhaps all of them, may have a printed signature.

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Monthly Madness -- September 2013

This month, Tim and Scott discuss the ever-popular Back to Lent Month and other important matters. Get the family gathered around the computer, invite a few neighbors over, and watch now.


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