Monday Madness -- March 3, 2014

Monday MadnessWell, friends, it's almost here. Less than three days until Ash Thursday, the formal kickoff off Lent Madness 2014. This week, Tim and Scott talk about how you can get instant gratification by buying the Saintly Scorecard for your Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, or Apple iThing. (Visit the Lentorium for more indispensable items for your Lenten journey.) Scott and Tim also give you instructions on how to take Lent Madness to the streets with Brackets to Go. Last, but not least, they tell you the precise moment that this year's competition begins, including a sneak preview of an addition to this year's opening day ceremonies.

If you enjoyed this -- and who wouldn't -- you'll want to watch the Archbishops' latest update from Quinquagesima Sunday.

Make sure you encourage everyone you know to like Lent Madness on Facebook or follow Lent Madness on Twitter. Getting through Lent without that would be Lent without the Madness, like Ash Wednesday without ashes or Palm Sunday without palms. Inconceivable, yes? So evangelize for Lent Madness!


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7 comments on “Monday Madness -- March 3, 2014”

    1. Getting ready to serve up Lent Madness along with our pancakes and bacon at St. Luke's Episcopal in Dallas, TX tomorrow (Tues) night.

  1. We are doing Lent Madness "Big Time" WE bought 100 lent Madness score cards. Its prominently displayed in our parish hall. Everyone is filling in the brackets. Our minister the Reb. Dr. Stephen Edmondson is tweeting thoughts about the saints to the congregation.

    We are on board! and excited.

    I am in the choir... So I am obviously conniving to make sure everyone votes for JS Bach. .... but that my project.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I am a rare blonde female Episcopalian so bear with me or you will see "White Out" on your computer screen. This is my first time playing this Lent Madness and I ended up being the one to tell my congregation about it. Mostly because i am editor of our church newsletter and Sunday bulletin annjounceents. Go figure. My question is if I am receiving email from the does this mean I am registered to recived all the Lent Madness starting on Ash Thursday? (Also ,will my ashes last from Ash Wednesday to Ash Thursday?) Thanks and live long and prosper or May the Force be with you. Whatever works.