Pastoral Epistle from the Archbishops


To: Our Well-Beloved Viewers in Christ

From: The Archbishops -- Colour Commentators of Lent Madness

Heaven via The Clairvoyatron 2100
Maple Anglican’s Basement
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


It is with great joy that we wish to announce that our well-beloved in Christ, Mary Ann Grennen, has been drawn as the winner of the contest for a Lent Madness Coffee Mug.

Mary Ann's question to us from March 20th was:

If you had to choose between the NY Yankees and NY Mets who would you choose? This question is coming from a diehard from birth Mets fan.

We have requested through our esteemed fellow servant in Christ, the Reverend Scott Gunn, Executive Director of Forward Movement and member of the Supreme Executive Commitee, to ship her one.

We also wish to thank all those who submitted questions via Twitter, Facebook, Email, and Google+.

This we proclaim in the One-Thousandth Six-Hundredth and Eighteenth, and Four-Hundred and Eighty-Second Years of our Consecrations and the Second Year as Colour Commentators of Lent Madness in the Two-Thousandth Fourteenth Year of Our Lord, God, and Saviour Jesus Christ.

++John (Konstantinoúpolis)

++Thomas (Cantar)

PS. Mets


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36 comments on “Pastoral Epistle from the Archbishops”

  1. To the degree that I follow baseball (not much) I root for both the Mets and the Yankees. When I served churches in the borough of Queens, of course I had to be a Mets fan. That wasn't difficult, as I always had favored them in their own league. But as a lifelong Yankee fan growing up in VA, when there were no Southern pro teams, I usually favor the Yankees if the two face off.

  2. Ah Peggy, that's a no brainer. Go Blue!! I recall one time when the Spartans were in Ann Arbor for the classic matchup . Two people, wearing white green everything, approached me on the corner and asked for directions to Michigan stadium. Guess what I did.......I'm soooo evil :-).....

  3. When I was growing up in tiny Salisbury NC, an older, quite sophisticated (so we thought) older neighbor declared himself a diehard NY Yankees fan. In a town of unrepentant "Fergit, Hell !" Southerners, it's a wonder he wasn't drawn and quartered. We were black and lived in a black neighborhood in the days of rampant and unrelenting segregation, by way of explanation. But, come to think about it, he was known for "marching to a different drummer."

  4. As for myself, I always root for the Boston Red Sox. Or for any team playing against the Yankees. 😉

  5. Hey Pj,there's a delightful video on YouTube of a cat , luxuriating in a basin of warm water, refusing to leave. Objecting when he's removed. I promise I'm not making this up!

  6. I thought for a moment you had typed "Our Well-Behaved Viewers in Christ.'

    Wondered how that could be!

  7. Well Sandrita, I'm not always as well behaved as I should be! To quote Willy Wonka, "a bit of nonsense now and then is practiced by the wisest men."

  8. I knew true conflict growing dad was a Yankees fan and my mother was an "anyone BUT the Yankees fan"

    1. I understand Christy. I am the die-hard Mets fan, my 3 kids are Yankee fans, and my husband is a Red Sox fan. Don't know where we went wrong with the kids.

  9. I've been watching The History of the Jews on PBS, based on the book and narrated by Simon Schama. Chrysostomos does not come off very well at all in his treatment of the Jews. What does he have to say about that?

  10. Our bishops are wise men, indeed...and clique-ish, too. It's only natural that they would favor their fellow "METROPOLITANS!" LET'S GO METS!!!

  11. Ah, Baseball. The true religion.
    But you people have it all wrong. Los Gigantes de San Fransisco.

  12. First known mention of baseball is in Genesis "There were giants in the earth in those days"


    1. Oh, piffle ! Oh, pish-tosh ! Oh, kerfuffle! Oh, will anyone care 20 years from now? Goodness gracious me!

  13. My thanks to the bishops for posting this, and also those who kept the conversation going in a good-humored fashion during the weekend!! This really takes the edge off lent madness withdrawal. Beautiful day here in Ann Arbor Michigan, I am typing this on my new phone from the parish hall after singing with the choir @ St. Andrew's, enjoying my coffee. I intend to spend the remainder of this afternoon outside basking in the abundant sunshine. Later y'all!

    1. Thought that was the whole premise of "Damn Yankees".
      Just because the evil one is messing about with baseball, does not mean he does not have minions everywhere.

  14. Good point, Bill. I just think that a good many of his minions come from Bentonville Arkansas....