Surviving L.M.W.

March 15, 2014
Scott Gunn

Yesterday saw J. S. Bach easily blasting Alfred the Great with both organ music and votes (65% to 35%). In a statement for the media, Johann said in a thick German accent, "I'll be face Anna Cooper in the next round."

Since we had the only Saturday contest of Lent Madness 2014 last weekend, this is the first full weekend without any voting. Many veterans of the saintly smackdown describe these long periods between votes as difficult, indeed. Thousands of fans suffer Lent Madness Withdrawal or LMW. We've offered tips before (here and here). This year, we want to encourage you to "live into" LMW. Embrace it. Face those demons. Here are five ways to survive LMW by embracing it.

LMW factory
If you can think of a machine that might stave off LMW, you can contract with an actual LMW factory in India to manufacture this device. Give the SEC a big enough cut, and we might sell it in the Lentorium.

LMW license plate
Move to a new state or country and buy a car. Repeat until you get a license plate staring with LMW. If you get this particular number and drive a white VW Beetle, you can also show that you're a fan of the Beatles, who will doubtless be added to the Episcopal Church's calendar of saints one day.

LMW invest
If you can invent a medication to treat LMW, you'll become rich. Or find another way to become an LMW profiteer.

Find a way to harness the nervous energy of thousands of people pacing back and forth as they wait for Monday morning's voting to open. If you can pull that off, you'll have something better than green energy: purple energy. It's a win-win.If all else fails, throw a party.

Hey, the good news is that voting will return on Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. Eastern time. We might even add some bonus content on Sunday morning to help you through the weekend. That's how much the SEC cares about your well being. You're welcome.


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37 comments on “Surviving L.M.W.”

  1. This is my first year participating in Lent Madness....and I want to say I am finding it to be delightful, enlightening and just good fun. Thank you for Lent Madness. And yes....I also plan on coming Bach! LOL

  2. Monday would be a good time to throw a party for St. Patrick....and you have a good idea of having a party for a saint (s) of your choosing. I think that would be pretty neat and could be an opportunity to be pretty creative with your church or someplace else too.

  3. Now I know just how seriously to take the look alike emails of lesser merit. Next time, Christmas Carols for background, please. Thank you.

  4. Hi Carolyn, why not? Hey everybody and his brother will be celebrating St. Patty's day! I myself will be wearing both orange and green. This nonsense between Catholic and protestant has been going on too long! Can't we all just get along already?!

  5. Oh (big sigh), to wait 2 more days! I believe that I will take your advice and hold a LMW Dance partay! We'll play the old dance classics like "Lord of the Dance" (you can do the bunny hop to that!) and "Earth and all Stars" (how can you NOT dance when all that cacophony is going on?!). Of course tunes from J.S. "I'll be" Bach will be on the playlist! Until then I will spend my time looking for a white Beetle (no pun intended).

  6. A party during Lent? OMG, where are the Puritans when you need them? Abstinence makes the Madness grow fonder when it returns on Monday. Deny thyself and adorn thy personage with LMW sackcloth and ashes. Do the Green Grocers have locusts and wild honey? is a chance to work up a Lent Madness Diet Scheme whilst in the desert chanting:
    "Sunbeams scorching all the day,
    Chilly dewdrops nightly shed,
    Prowling beasts about our way,
    Stones our pillow, earth our bed."
    (Text altered from G. H. Smyttan and Francis Pott)
    O Lenten Madness....thy title is not far from my countenance!!!!

    1. "Where are the Puritans when you need them?" Oh, the ironicalistickness of your question, since the Puritans didn't observe Lent! To them it was a Popish Enormity!

  7. move to a new state or country! i am laughing out loud...that is until the SEC said that maybe the Beatles would one day be on the calendar. ok-they were British and probably Anglican, but it doesn't mean they went to church or did anything churcy. FRED ROGERS, however, did go to an Episcopal church. i rest my case-until next time.....

  8. Hmmm, if I can invent a medication to prevent LMW, I'll be even richer! Off to my basement laboratory...

  9. When you mentioned the Beatles, I figured you'd upset Madeleine and I went "Uh! Oh! Padre! You've gone and done it now!" But NOOOO! Now you've gotten Linda on a tear about Fred Rogers. Hopefully, you'll learn something here....that these two faithful followers are NOT to be trifled with..and yeah, grammarians, there's a dangling whatsomever! On to the next contest! Buck up and be brave, my faithful stalwarts! Stave off LMW this morning with Belgian waffles and roasted pecan syrup, bacon, and Nashville's own EIGHTH ROAST/ FRENCH OCCUPATION fine coffee this morning! Buh- Bye.

    1. thank you for the shout out Aleathia! but i have been campaigning for FRED ROGERS since last year. the SEC doesn't take me seriously!

  10. Thank you, SEC, for your words of wisdom and encouragement. I will "live into" LMW. In just two days, it's Bach to voting. (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

  11. I have a doormat with "Bach later, Offenbach sooner" on it. Unfortunately I did not get to vote yesterday, but I see that my candidate won without me. J. S. Bach is one of my favorite composers and spiritual heroes! Also, one of his sons is known in our household as "the chaplains' Bach" because of his initials. His full name is Carl Phillippe Emmanuel Bach.

  12. I love it! And we'll soon be Bach together. But oh dear, Ann Cooper is the name of a dear friend and neighbor. Conflict may be inevitable.
    Solution anyone?

    1. If you vote for Ann and Bach advances, well, what can you do, you tried. If you vote for Bach and Bach advances, your friend will understand. If you vote for Bach and Ann advances, or if you vote for Ann and Ann advances, you have participated in a miracle.

  13. The wealth of fine commentary this year offers a weekend's occupation, reading and re-reading, combined with a review of the victor's blogs, not to mention a moment of silence for Those Who Will Not Advance, who gently and quietly sing. "Adieu for Me..Mad voters put me out...But I'm a Worthy...So I Ne'er Will Pout..."

  14. I myself am going to struggle through the next two days of the voting break to take some friends out for a Bach's Lunch - perhaps we can even listen to some Bach music while we are eating our Bach's Lunch.

      1. thank you Ann and Alma...and there's Madeleine, too. so far 4 of us against the 2 members of the SEC...unless the Archbishops get into this madness about Mr. Rogers! then 4 against 4. or maybe the Archbishops want Mr. Rogers on the bracket but can't say. i will keep trying. With God's help...and yours!

  15. Such a whimsical delight this Lent Madness is for me! Insightful, intriguing and impatient as I await the next vote!