Accolades for the Golden Halo Winner

April 17, 2014
Scott Gunn

Charles in Charge

Our friends over at the Wesley Bros. comic site have created a special graphic to celebrate Charles Wesley's Golden Halo victory in Lent Madness 2014. You can get your own copy -- suitable for framing -- over at the Wesley Bros. site. And by the way, you should totally look there regularly, because it is funny and educational, just like Lent Madness only all Wesleyan, all the time.

Praise for Charles Wesley and for Lent Madness abounds. Check out articles at The Episcopal Cafe, The Living Church, and Episcopal News Service.

We would be remiss if we didn't encourage you to visit the Lentorium, where you can buy Charles Wesley mugs and Lent Madness purple mugs.

Now, all this silliness aside, we hope you'll get yourself to church this evening for the start of the Three Holy Days.


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9 comments on “Accolades for the Golden Halo Winner”

  1. I wonder why Charles went out in the first round several years ago?!
    Scott, looking forward to meeting in Iowa at the end of June.

  2. I am greatly disappointed. C.W. will always be remembered and honored because of his hymns and who he is as a person of faith.
    Harriet B will once again disappear into obscurity and oblivion. Tis a pity.

  3. As a Lutheran fan of Lent Madness I am delighted by the ecumenical spirit demonstrated by Lent Madness voters who selected Charles Wesley as the recipient of this year's Golden Halo. Though I myself was a strong supporter of Bach and Bonhoeffer (I'm a Lutheran, after all) I am happy to throw all my support behind Charles Wesley. (I'm a musician, too.)

  4. May I assure you, dear Lois Shelly, that Harriet Bedell will not be forgotten nor consigned to obscurity and oblivion. As an Episcopal Deacon, I take it as a duty to see to it that deacons know who this fabulous deaconess was. Do remember, that she lost by only 200 votes to "Wonder Man Wesley". Take a look back and check the total number of votes cast and just see how many people did vote for her.
    Thanks to the SEC for making her known to those of us who did not know about her before LentMadness 2014.

  5. Good evening, sec, I just returned from Maundy Thursday services. Thanks for the poke in the ribs about getting to church. I'm going tomorrow also. Also Saturday for the Easter Vigil. Also both services on Sunday. Did I neglect to mention that I'm in the choir.......?

  6. Very sad & bummed that the patron saint of Florida failed to get the halo. We might need to start a chad investigation. I think a Grad Jury should be commissioned to study the irregularities, I smell something here and it is not Easter Lillies. Stuff the ballot box, pay off ? We need to get to the top of this soon. This sets the tone for Good Friday- betrayed. We will never forget the great deeds of Harriet Bedell!

  7. I second the praise for the ecumenical spirit of Lent Madness. I was raised a Catholic and leapt on the wide swing of the pendulum's cord over to the Unitarian Universalists. I have been delighted to be introduced to so many saints across Protestantism. I will not forget Harriet Bedell, and Anna Cooper and Phillips Brooks and the Wesley Brothers...

  8. Where do we write in for a recount - Harriett is unbelievably wonderful woman and this is how we remember her? As they say on ESPN "C'mon man!"... I am not going to take my servant heart and to help transfor the sanctuary for Easter's glory here in SE FL. Even the skies here are in protest as it is raining & stormy.